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March 26th, 2003

Left-right Image Slideshow Script Credits: Dynamic Drive
It's old, except it's new! This popular image slideshow script, which slides images into view images from right to left in a "pushy" manner, has just been upgraded with several bug fixes plus the all important NS6 and Opera 7 compatibility!

Presentational slideshow Credits: Dynamic Drive
We got our inspiration for this script from the frontpage of MSNBC (midpage), where they use a similar device to scroll through pictures. This cool script displays and rotates images in a "presentational", left-to-right sliding manner. Images can be optionally hyperlinked.

Feburary 25th, 2003

Browser Sniffer script Credits: BrotherCake
This browser sniffer script detects all the major browsers currently available, and passes the results on as variables to facilitate your browser detection needs. It differentiates between Windows, Mac and Linux, and the most commonly used DHTML browsers - IE4/5/6, Netscape 4/6/7/other Gecko, Konqueror 2.2+, Safari, Opera 5/6/7, and "other."

VML Editor Credits: Jacco IJzerman
VML (Vector Markup Language) is a text based vector graphics format proprietary to Internet Explorer. Jacco has created the following powerful VML editor to allow you to use your mouse to visually render basic VML text and shapes, with the corresponding VML codes then generated. A powerful demonstration of DHTML and VML.

Feburary 5th, 2003

George's Expandable ticker Credits: Dynamic Drive
Quite possibly the only ticker of its kind out there, George's Expandable Ticker brings together the best of two worlds to create a ticker that can be viewed both sequentially and simultaneously, via a dropdown menu. Very cool, just as practical!

January 24th, 2003

One of the goals here at Dynamic Drive is to get every script to live up to its full potential! With that in mind, two popular scripts have just been updated by us with some useful improvements:

1) Open links in new window
Add the option of allowing links on your page to be opened in a new window with this powerful script. A simple checkbox toggles between current and new window. Updated to allow links to open in a set secondary window (versus a new window each time).

2) Open offsite links in new window
Concerned about people leaving your site when navigating to offsite links? A derivative of above script, this one targets only links not of your domain to open in a new window. Updated to allow multiple domains to be added to the "excluded" list.

January 10th, 2003

Flexi slide show Credits: Dynamic Drive
One of the biggest complaints of regular image slideshows is that the participating images must be of the same width/height. Well, Flexi Slideshow can accommodate images of different dimensions, and also, optional text beneath any slide.

January 7th, 2003

Tower of Hanoi Credits: Glenn Vergara
The Tower of Hanoi is a classic puzzle game where you try to move disks from the left-most pole to the right using the least amount of moves. This DHTML script features full drag-and-drop interface, and "auto solve" ability.

Slide-In menu series Credits: Dynamic Drive
We've just updated all 4 scripts in our Slide-In Menu series by incorporating some of the most asked features by you over the last year. The changes are:

1) All 4 menus now support both text links and regular text as their content.
2) You can now specify exactly how much each of the 4 menus should protrude initially from the user's window (in px).
3) The slide-out animation in Slide-In Menu 1 and Slide-In Menu 4 now made much smoother and faster.

With these changes in place, we're confident the series is now more usable than ever!

December 27th, 2002

Dissolving image rollover Credits: Roy Whittle
Everyone loves a great image rollover effect it seems. Well, a beefed up version of just that, Roy's script adds a dissolving effect during image change in IE4+. The script works across all browsers, though as eluded to, only IE4+ will experience the added transition. A nicely put together visual effect!

LCD Clock Credits: JavaScript Kit
This digital clock attempts to mimic that cool "glow in the dark" look of a LCD watch when it comes to its interface. Displays the time in standard 12-hour format, with a "AM" and "PM" indicator.

December 15th, 2002

Flashing form element Credits: Dynamic Drive
Use this DHTML script to make certain form elements flash with glee. It's a great way to draw attention to "important" fields, such as the submit button, etc.

December 10th, 2002

Watching eyes script Credits: Kurt Grigg
"In with the new, out with the old!" we say. The old Watching Eye script has just been dropped, replaced by Kurt's version of it, which is much more efficient, and works in all DHTML browsers, including NS7 and Opera. Now users of all browsers can feel like they're being watched.

Floating Menu script Credits: Roy Whittle
We had a tough time settling between the words "floating" and "static" when naming this script, though we're confident you'd agree with our final decision. Welcome to Roy's cross browser floating menu, which remains static on the user's screen by gently gliding into view whenever the page is scrolled. Very cool, quite calming!

Note that this script replaces completely the old "Static Menu script", which used a single large image as the menu.

November 25th, 2002

Dock Content script Credits: Dynamic Drive
This powerful script allows you to keep arbitrary elements on your page always in view, by "docking" it. It dynamically determines whether the element is currently visible on the user's screen, and if not, repositions it so it is. A great way to ensure that certain content are noticed by your visitors.

Xin's Popup Calendar Credits: Xin Yang
Xin's Popup Calendar script makes inputting dates into forms as easy as point-and-click. Your user simply selects the date from a popup calendar, and it's automatically entered into the designated form field. This is one of the best script of its kind in our opinion.

October 24th, 2002

DOM XML ticker Credits: Dynamic Drive
By combining DHTML with XML, this ticker script makes updating its contents a breeze, through an external XML file. Just open the file, and enter the desired messages to show. Plain text and links (with targeting) are supported, and script is functional in both IE5+ and NS6+, degrading well with the rest.

Cross Browser Marquee Credits: Dynamic Drive
Long overdue, one of the oldest scripts in our archive is now also the latest! A complete rewrite, our beloved Cross Browser Marquee now works in NS6+, plus adds support for pause "onmouseover" and configurable background color.

October 10th, 2002

VML fireworks script Credits: Jacco IJzerman
DHTML is still evolving at this point, with one of the proprietary extensions being IE5's VML. Well using it, Jacco's script renders rather realistically looking fireworks on your page without the use of graphics.

Conveyor Belt slideshow Credits: Dynamic Drive
Using feedback from you as the blueprint, we've given the conveyor belt slideshow a new engine. And with that, gone is the disconcerting gap, or white space, that was present as the script reached the end of each slide cycle. The new script displays each cycle in a continuous fashion. And because no script would be complete without it, the slideshow now also functions in NS6/Mozilla. Enjoy! 

September 16th, 2002

Find In Page Script Credits: Alan Koontz
One of our visitors Alan Kroontz has just replaced the original "Find in page" script (by Mike Hall) on DD with a more cross browser functional, robust clone. The script simulates the Edit> Find In Page feature of the browser to allow your visitors to easily search for a particular text on your page. Unlike the original version, this one supports easy searching of another frame, plus bears the distinct title of being the first script in our archive designed specifically for NS7+. 

September 9th, 2002

Scrollable Menu links Credits: Dynamic Drive
If you have a lot of menu links and not a lot of space, this is the script to turn to. It compacts any content into a predefined area, with the content accessible via left and right scroll buttons. A rather big update, this script now works in NS6+ (incl. Mozilla).

August 30th, 2002

Time-based Progress Bar Credits: Brian Gosselin
Every now and then we'll discard a script and replace it completely with something else. Well, this is one of those instances. Out is our own Dynamic Progress Bar, replaced by Brian's version of it. This cross-browser script renders a progress bar that's time based (ie: set progress bar to complete loading in 10 sec). Useful in providing graphical countdown to any action that involves a delay before execution.

Event-based Progress Bar Credits: Brian Gosselin
This progress bar script is event-based, meaning it loads according to the denoted circumstance. Via 3 pre-exposed methods, you control precisely when the bar loads and by how much each time. Useful in supplementing any script that may require a graphical bar.

August 27th, 2002

Tabs Menu (onmouseover) Credits: Dynamic Drive
This is a mouseover tabs menu. Move the mouse over designated links, and additional "sub links" appear beneath it. Think of it as an inline two level menu.

Up-down image slideshow Credits: Dynamic Drive
Updating scripts for NS6 functionality is always rewarding, and our latest project is the up-down image slideshow. And as often expected, the script now also works in Mozilla.