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June 16th, 2004

DD Tab Menu Credits: Dynamic Drive
DD Tab Menu is a standards compliant, 2 level tab menu. Move your mouse over a tab, and additional content appears beneath it. The script uses CSS to control all of its appearance, and plain HTML to implement the entire menu tabs and contents.

IFRAME Scroller Credits: Dynamic Drive
After numerous bug reports with the original IFRAME Scroller, we decided it was time to just let it go and start fresh. Behold the new IFRAME Scroller, which features numerous improvements under the hood, the most important being it no longer "stalls" and jams up every once in a while in IE. Fresh is good.

June 2nd, 2004

Tabbed document viewer Credits: Dynamic Drive
Using a tabbed interface, this DHTML script lets you display external web pages inline on your page, with the help of the IFRAME tag. This script works in IE5+ and NS6+, and degrades well with the rest (as tabs are simply regular links).

Snow Effect without images Credits: Kurt Grigg
This script uses a series of DIV tags to create falling snow that trickles down an entire webpage, without using images. Yes, we're aware it's Summer right now :)

May 4th, 2004

Memory Ticker Credits: Dynamic Drive
This thoughtful DHTML ticker remembers the last viewed message just before the visitor navigates to another page, and upon his return, picks up the message display from where it last left off. For tickers that contain many messages, it quickly becomes an indispensable feature.

Memory Scroller Credits: Dynamic Drive
Similar in concept to the above, this DHTML scroller remembers its last scrolled position just before the visitor navigates to another page, and upon his return, picks up the scrolling from where it last left off. For scrollers that contain a long message, your visitors will surely appreciate this functionality.

April 14th, 2004

Iframes SSI script II Credits: Dynamic Drive
Well, less than a month has passed, and already a spinoff! This is a variation of the original Iframes SSI script, both of which allow you to snugly include the contents of another page using IFRAMEs. However, it differs from Version I in that you can load additional documents into the IFRAME even after the page has loaded, and the IFRAME will dynamically adjust its height to fit the new document as well.

April 13th, 2004

MultiFrame slide show Credits: Dynamic Drive
One inherent limitation of most slideshow scripts is that they can only display one image at a time, making it very cumbersome for your visitors to go through them in cases where there's a long list of images to show. Well, this image slideshow supports "multiple frames", so you can display more than one image at once.

Sequential Content revealer Credits: Dynamic Drive
With this script, you can initially hide any number of content and reveal them one at a time in sequence, like in a presentation. Control precisely the pause between each content.

March 25th, 2004

Iframes SSI script Credits: Dynamic Drive
Want to dynamically include the contents of another page onto the current using client side means? This script uses the IFRAME tag, and by automatically resizing it based on the actual height of the containing page, allows you to seamlessly display external content on your page. It's SSI DHTML style!

Jim's DHTML Menu v5.0 Credits: Jim Salyer
This script creates an absolutely positioned, cross browser navigational bar for your site. Efficient and small in file size, it can be set as either a horizontal or vertical menu, supporting multiple levels.

March 8th, 2004

Amazon style Drop-in content box Credits: Dynamic Drive
We modeled this script after an effect seen on the frontpage of Amazon.com. A content box drops in from "midair", and can display anything of your choice. The frequency of the box appearing can be precisely controlled.

Vertical Text script Credits: Dynamic Drive
Text has always been displayed horizontally (in the Western World at least), until now! This script harnesses the "writing-mode" attribute of CSS, supported in IE5.5+, to display any text vertically in those browsers. Great for showing items such as copyright text, special notices etc.

February 20th, 2004

Floating iFrame Credits: Dynamic Drive
This script creates a floating iframe, so the iframe stays static and always in view even when the page is scrolled. Display content from a separate page prominently using it.

Image Thumbnail viewer II Credits: Dynamic Drive
This image script loads and displays a larger image inline on the page when a thumbnail is clicked on. Great for letting visitors preview from many images then select the one of his choice to view all on the same page. With features like fade-in effect and optional image preloading, this thumbnail viewer script is also a big thumbs up!

February 2nd, 2004

Pop-up image Script Credits: Dynamic Drive
Turn your images into depressible, pop-up buttons! This script creates the illusion of an elevated image by applying a shadow and shifting the image to the up and left. When the user holds down the mouse, the shadow is deleted, and the image shifted back to its usual position...just like a button!

January 12th, 2004

JsDOMenu Credits: Toh Zhiqiang
JsDOMenu is back, and with a vengeance! A few months ago we featured version 1.0 of this script. Well, 1.1.3 has now arrived, with new features that make this menu truly usable and practical. JsDOMenu can now act as both a context or regular, absolutely positioned menu, with support for unlimited submenus and a wide variety of browser support.

Sticky Note script Credits: Dynamic Drive
Sticky Note is an attractive DHTML script that pops up at the center of the page to display anything of your choice. Customize everything from how often the Note should appear on the page, for how long, and whether a fade-in effect should be accompanied. A great script to broadcast important messages to your users!

December 12, 2003

Advanced Gallery script Credits: Dynamic Drive
This robust gallery script allows you to display and rotate entire blocks of HTML on demand. Display images, text, or rich HTML in a dynamic manner. Set the script to automatically cycle through the contents like in a scroller, or via manual selecting through a drop down menu. Very cool!

December 8th, 2003

Translucent slide show Credits: Dynamic Drive
Don't just display images, showcase them in style using this sleek image slideshow script! Images are animated in from the left edge, with a translucent effect applied during the process. Each image can be independently hyperlinked and with its own link target.

Document Magnifier Credits: Christian Patzer
This script takes full advantage of IE5.5's zoom-in feature to allow you to selectively magnify any area of a webpage. Just updated to version 2.0, which features improved user interface and bug fixes.

November 17th, 2003

Cool DHTML Tooltip Credits: Dynamic Drive
This script evolved from us wanting to replace the original DHTML Tooltip script, which made a huge and unnecessary production out of the simple "document.title" attribute of HTML. Well, the replacement script is a lot more relevant, practical, and elegant. Use it to display additional information about a link or any other element when the mouse moves over it. A customizable tooltip pops up, which works in all modern DHTML browsers- IE4+, NS6+, and Opera 7+.

3D spinning message Credits: Peter Gehrig
How about some good PR for IE's VML (vector markup language) technology? 3D Spinning Message uses it to display/rotate messages on the top of the page via a circular animation. Everything from the size of the "circle" to the colors of the text can be customized. A good script to capture people's attention.

October 30th, 2003

Basic Calendar Credits: Brian Gosselin
If you need a simple, elegant calendar to display the current days of the month, Basic Calendar is an excellent script for the purpose. Uses CSS to allow easy changing to its appearance, everything from calendar dimensions, colors, down to the font used to highlight the current day.

Book Flip slideshow Credits: Ger Versluis
We're pleased to roll out another visually impressive DHTML slideshow by Ger. This one simulates a page turning to reveal two new slides (images) at once. Each slide can be linked, and furthermore, the slideshow supports both horizontal and vertical flipping. Enjoy!

October 3rd, 2003

Carousel slideshow Credits: Ger Versluis
Display and showcase images in a 3D, carousel fashion with this highly unique, great slideshow script. Each image can optionally be hyperlinked, with the direction of the slideshow configurable as well.

Phong II Credits: Nathan
Phong, or DHTML Ping Pong, is back, ready to take you on when you are. This version is DOM2 powered, and works in IE, NS6+, and Opera7+.

September 26th, 2003

Image Thumbnail Viewer Credits: Dynamic Drive
If you showcase images of any type on your site, this script should come in handy. It allows you to set up text links or image thumbnails that when clicked on, loads the intended image on the screen, inline within the same page. The image can be dragged around and set to center on the page.

The script is a rewrite of the original Image Thumbnail Viewer. A noteworthy point that offers a glimpse into where we're heading is that in this new script, we've decided to remove the codes pertaining to NS4. This resulted in a much leaner script, and we find the time is now ripe to start removing NS4 support within new and modified scripts when the benefits are clear.

September 22nd, 2003

Document Text Sizer Credits: T Kang
Wired.com has this feature. So does Netscape DevEdge. We're talking about the ability for the visitor to resize the web site's text on demand. With Taewook's script, your site can have it too! Visitors click on an Increase or Decrease Font Size link to control the page's text size at will.

September 1st, 2003

Multi-part content script Credits: Dynamic Drive
This great script enables long content on your page to be viewed in sequential view. It break up arbitrary content into multiple parts, viewable one part at a time via "back" and "foward" links. Now that's Dynamic HTML at work!

August 4th, 2003

Different CSS depending on Operating System Credits: Dynamic Drive
This script allows you to conditionally apply two different style sheets to your page depending on whether the user's Operating System is Mac or PC (default). The style sheet to load can either be two global inline styles or external CSS files.

July 21st, 2003

Switch Content Script Credits: Dynamic Drive
You're going to love this one. This useful script allows you to make arbitrary content on your webpage contract/expand on demand. The user clicks on designated headers to reveal additional content. The script comes with an optional persistence feature to help it remember the folding state of the content when the user exists the page. A great way to save space while organizing content on your webpage into more managable portions to the viewer.

DHTML Tip Message Credits: Essam Gamal
Well, it certainly created a nice little dilemma, but in the end, we decided it was best simply to replace the popular OverLib script (branded as Popup Information Box on DD) with a new, leaner script by Essam. DHTML Tip Message helps describe important links on your page by popping up a rich information box. It is extremely versatile in its placement and special effects to render as the tooltip is being displayed.

June 30th, 2003

Switch Menu Credits: Martial B
Switch Menu is a unique navigational script with characteristics of a folding tree. It dynamically expands the chosen menu item when clicked on (revealing the containing links) while contracting the rest. Uses the DOM of IE5/NS6+ while degrading nicely with older browsers.

Flashing links script Credits: Dynamic Drive
The Flashing link script has become popular as an easy way to draw attention to important links on your page. Just rewritten for NS6/Opera7 functionality plus a much more efficient algorithm.

June 16th, 2003

Disable "Enter" key in form script Credits: Nurul Fadilah
Is the user pressing the "Enter" key in the middle of your form causing inadvertent and incomplete form submissions? This script disable the "Enter" key when pressed inside chosen fields of your choice. Moreover, it then advances the cursor to the next field within the form. Very useful.

Required field(s) validation Credits: L.K Toh
This popular script by Toh checks all fields of your choice to see whether they're filled out before permitting the form to submit. Just updated to check radio buttons as well.

June 11th, 2003

The Matrix Text effect Credits: Richard Womersley
It is said you must see The Matrix to understand it. Well, same thing perhaps with this awesome Matrix Text Effect- it renders digital letters that drop down gradually to form the phrase of your choice, just like in the movie. Just don't stare at it too long and get sucked in!

May 21st, 2003

Collapsible Frame script Credits: Dynamic Drive
If your site uses frames, a fantastic feature to add would be the ability to collapse/expand a particular frame on user demand. This allows a frame to be tucked away when it's not needed. This script enables you to do just that, and is functional in both IE4+ and NS6+. Completely rewritten from old "Collapsible Left Frame" script.

Email Riddler Credits: Dynamic Drive
Email Riddler is an online tool that encrypts and transform your email address into a series of numbers when displaying it, making it virtually impossible for spam harvesters to crawl and add your email to their list. Take that spam bots!

April 21st, 2003

ProHTML Ticker
Tired of the meticulous format required when entering messages into JavaScript Tickers? ProHTML Ticker rotates regular HTML messages wrapped around simply in DIV tags, making updating its content a breeze!

Combo Box Viewer Credits: Dynamic Drive
Looking for a dynamic way to display content on your page that's easy to implement as well? The Combo-box Viewer script allows users to selectively view HTML content on your page via a drop down menu. Each content is simply wrapped inside a special <DIV> tag.

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