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Scrollable Menu Links

 Author: Dynamic Drive

Note: Updated Feb 17th, 04' for numerous bug fixes.

Description: If you have a lot of menu links and not a lot of space, this is the script to turn to. It compacts any content into a predefined area, with the content accessible via left and right scroll buttons. Browsers other than IE 4+ or NS 4+ will simply see nothing.

Updated: You can now reverse the scroll directions of the left and right buttons. Script also updated for a Mozilla bug and now works in webpages with a strict doctype setting.

Demo: Move your mouse over the left/right arrow image to scroll menu

Directions Developer's View

Simply insert the below where you wish the scrollable menu to appear:

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Refer to documentation inside to configure the left/right arrow images, menu width, scroll speed, and last by not least, menu content.

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