VML Editor

Description: VML (Vector Markup Language) is a text based vector graphics format proprietary to Internet Explorer. Jacco has created the following powerful VML editor to allow you to use your mouse to visually render basic VML text and shapes, with the corresponding VML codes then generated. This is more of a demonstration in two ways: 1) The VML technology, and 2) The power of DHTML, considering the program consists only of that!

Demo: Click here to view the editor (you must have IE5+).

Directions: To download the program for offline viewing, download this zip file. The file contains the two HTML files:


For your information

If you're looking for ideas on how this script could be useful, or just some rationale behind the author's decision to create it, well, here it is.

"The basic idea for me was to create a sort of guestbook which offers the possibility to leave some "graffiti" instead of a normal message. The user would draw some text or graphics, and the corresponding VML code would then instantly be posted onto a message board. In fact, here's another version of the above script I made which posts the final result to a PHP script (which takes care of storing the drawing in a MySQL database). Click here to see it (in Dutch). The top link allows you to leave your own message."

Finally, it wouldn't be right if we didn't mention another technology, SVG, while discussing VML. SVG (Standards Vector Graphics) is similar to VML in function, though has emerged as the standard for this field. A good developer's tutorial on SVG is SVG Basic Tutorial.

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