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This section lists existing scripts that have been modified as they occur. It serves as a "log file" for script changes. Be sure to also visit the New section to view new and significantly updated scripts.

08/15/2016- All Levels Navigational Menu: Revamped mobile menu to full page side menu, adds animation between level changes.

10/06/2015- Simple Controls Gallery v1.5: Gallery made responsive and mobile friendly, by supporting a percentage "width" value and swipe/ touch support. Also adds a new "scaleimage" option to scale the images inside the gallery in 2 different ways.

08/17/2015- Lightbox Image viewer: Updated script to be responsive- images now shrink to fit inside small screen devices where the screen is smaller than the dimensions of the image. Only lightbox.js changed.

08/17/2015- Lightbox Image viewer v2.1: Updated script to be responsive- images now shrink to fit inside small screen devices where the screen is smaller than the dimensions of the image. Only lightbox.js changed.

07/21/2015- Responsive Side toggle Menu: Updated to v1.1,which adds multiple level ULs support inside toggle menu. Any nested ULs inside menu will be automatically transformed into to an accordion.

07/18/2015- jQuery Gooey Menu: Fixed issue with gooey effect when menu drops spills over to multiple lines. Both .js and .css file  updated.

04/18/2015- Slick Custom Scrollbar script: Adds touch scroll support in mobile browsers. Only .js file changed from v1.1

04/16/2015- Flex Level Drop Down Menu v2.0: Version 2.0 of the menu adds a mobile friendly, overlay version of menu that's activated in mobile and small screen browsers. Also refines drop down behaviour of desktop menu when there's neither room to the right nor left to drop down.

03/18/2015- Smooth Navigational Menu: Version 3.0 of the menu adds mobile friendly version of menu that's activated when the desired "mobile" conditions are met, plus improved drop down menus positioning when there's neither room to the right nor left to drop down.

03/10/2015- All Levels Navigational Menu: Version 4.0 of the menu adds mobile friendly version of menu that's activated when the desired "mobile" conditions are met, plus improved drop down menus positioning when there's neither room to the right nor left to drop down.

11/25/2014- Step Carousel Viewer: Upgraded to v2.0 Adds support for fluid width carousel, navigation by swiping/ mouse dragging, and image-less navigation buttons. Script now also compatible with latest versions of jQuery.

11/03/2014- Side Push Menu: Upgraded to v1.1, which adds an animated drawer button to default code, plus fixes couple of minor bugs.

10/01/2014- Simple Image Panner and Zoomer: Script now works on mobile devices, zoom in/out controls can be any arbitrary HTML (instead of images specifically).

08/05/2014- DD ScrollSpy Menu: Updated to v1.2, which supports  showing a progress bar inside each menu item, plus other minor improvements.

06/26/2014- Background Image Carousel: Flexible carousel dimensions now supported, swipe to navigate added, plus other minor enhancements.

06/22/2014- Ultimate Fade-in slide show v2.6: Updated to v2.6, which adds responsive layout, swipe to navigate in desktop/ mobile devices.

06/07/2014- Continuous Reel Slideshow: Updated to v1.1, which enables swipe navigation in touch friendly devices.

06/20/2013- Drop Down Tabs (5 styles): Menus made responsive in mobile browsers, by collapsing elegantly when the window is 480px or less wide.

03/24/2013- All Levels Navigational Menu: In mobile browsers, sub menus now disappear when user tabs anywhere outside the menu.

02/25/2013- DD Smooth Menu v2.0: Updated to v2.0 with various improvements, from optional rollover arrow images, ability to show sub menus onclick (instead of on hover),  lazy initialization of sub menus (more efficient if you have lots of sub menus), and last but not least, better mobile devices support.

01/24/2013- Featured Content Slider: Updated onChange event handler, plus added section on integrating Youtube videos inside the slides.

01/24/2013- Featured Content Glider: Added onChange event handler, , plus added section on integrating Youtube videos inside the slides.

10/04/2012- Split Menu Buttons: Added option to hide top level menu automatically onMouseout, hide menu when user clicks on a menu item within it.

09/20/2012- gAjax RSS Feeds Displayer: Version 2 release. Adds support for templating of entries' output, search and replace via regular expressions of any RSS field.

08/21/2012- Split Menu Buttons: Added ability for a button to have no drop down menu, but retain the same style as ones that do.

05/24/2012- gAjax RSS Feeds Displayer: Added onfeedload event handler to run code when a RSS displayer has fully loaded. Script now skips the loading of a RSS feed if it's invalid (instead of alert a message).

03/19/2012- Slick Custom Scrollbar script: Adds mousewheel support, ability to disable "overscroll" behaviour of scrollbar.

03/01/2012- All Levels Navigational Menu: Two important bugs squashed- sub menu disappears when clicking on a top level menu item, and also, in mobile devices, a menu item doesn't redirect to the intended URL when clicked on.

02/16/2012- Accordion Content script: Added option ("scrolltoheader") to scroll to the expanded header in question after it expands (useful if a header contains long content).

11/28/2011-  Flex Level Drop Down Menu: Script now dynamically adds a class of "selected" to the anchor link while its drop down menu is expanded, for easy styling of the anchor link during its "open" state.

11/22/2011-  DOM image and sound rollover: Updated to version 4 by DD, which adds optional sound playback onmouseover.

.07/27/2011-  DD Mega Menu: Added ability to activate menu via "click" of the mouse, on top of the default "mouseover".

06/28/2011-  Updating Menu scripts for popular Mobile devices: We're updating relevant menu scripts on DD so they are functional in mobile devices such as iPad/iPhone and Android devices. Follow the progress here.

05/30/2011-  All Levels Navigational Menu: Menu now supports a new "slide in" animation option. Thanks to user Abdülhamit for the addition.

05/16/2011- Simple Controls Gallery: Adds ability to show image gallery only after all images within gallery has been loaded. Requires jQuery 1.5+

04/13/2011- Text and Image Crawler: Script updated to v1.5, which adds a "shuffle" content option, plus fixes browser crash due to crawlers with no content or non loading images.

02/21/2011- Featured Image Zoomer: Script updated to v1.5, which now includes new feature by jscheuer1 to show optional "magnifying lens" while over thumbnail image.

01/12/2011- Translucent Slide Show: Script completely rewritten to support multiple instances, variable image dimensions, plus ability to manually go to a particular slide.

12/17/2010- Smooth Navigational Menu: Updated menu shadow to use CSS3 box shadows when the browser is FF3.5+, IE9+, Opera9.5+, or Safari3+/Chrome. Only .js file changed.

10/21/2010- jQuery Form to Form Wizard: Script upgraded to v1.1, which adds basic form validation functionality. You can now easily specify which form fields should be filled out before the user is able to go on to the next step or submit the form.

08/28/2010- SAG Content Scroller: Scroller now integrates with Google Feeds API to easily show RSS content as well. Adds ability to refresh the contents every x seconds (in "ajax" or "rss" mode).

07/28/2010- Step Carousel Viewer: Added alternate "slide" effect to "wraparound" behavior (default is "pushpull")

07/18/2010- Image Power Zoomer: Adds ability to specify a different, higher resolution version of the original image as the image used inside the magnifying glass.

06/14/2010- gAjax RSS Feeds Displayer: Fixed issue in IE where labels would sometimes be associated with the incorrect feed items.

06/07/2010- Accordion Content script: Ajax content support added, so a given header's content can be dynamically fetched from an external file and on demand.  Also optimized script performance.

05/24/2010- Ultimate Fade In Slideshow v2.4: Adds new "peekaboo" description option, where descriptions are shown automatically in an animated fashion. Also adds "oninit" and "onslide" event handlers to enhance customization of the slideshow.

04/25/2010- Image w/ description tooltip: Script rewritten and labelled v2.0. Now based on jQuery, and supports custom styles for each tooltip individually.

03/25/2010- Simple Image Panner and Zoomer: Adds ability to zoom in and out of image apart from panning it, by clicking on a pair of magnifying glass icons added to the image.

03/05/2010- Flex Level Pop Up Menu: Each flex menu (UL) can now be applied to a link dynamically, and defined using JavaScript instead of as HTML markup.

02/17/2010- Ajax XML ticker (txt file): Adds ability to periodically refetch contents of external file. Fixed IE clearType font issue.

02/10/2010- Flex Level Drop Down Menu: Each flex menu (UL) can now be applied to a link dynamically, and defined using JavaScript instead of as HTML markup.

02/02/2010- Smooth Navigational Menu: Adds ability to specify delay before sub menus appear and disappear, respectively.

01/27/2010- AnyLink Drop Down Menu v2.0: Fixed elusive bug that adds a gap at the bottom of some pages carrying the menu. Only anylinkmenu.js changed.

12/13/2009- Featured Content Glider: Added keyboard navigation, so left/ right arrow keys now move glider. Fixed bug with auto rotation when "next" link isn't defined.

11/16/2009- jQuery Image Magnify: Updated to v1.1, which adds ability to dynamically apply/reapply magnify effect to an image, plus magnify to a specific width in pixels.

10/19/2009- Virtual Pagination script: Adds ability to disable the "previous" and "next" links when user is at the first and last content, respectively.

10/06/2009- Ultimate Fade In Slideshow v2.1: Adds option to randomize display order of images, via new option displaymode.randomize

09/29/2009- Step Carousel Viewer: Introduces two new much requested features: 1) Auto generated pagination images, and 2) Ability to modify contents of a Carousel on demand using Ajax.

08/10/2009- Drill Down Menu v1.6: Adds ability to specify explicit height for main menu, instead of defaulting to top UL's natural height.

07/27/2009- Smooth Navigational Menu: Fixed bug so shadows can be disabled if desired.

07/21/2009- Featured Content Glider: Updated to work in jQuery 1.3.x.

07/03/2009- Animated Collapsible DIV v2.4: Updated to v2.4, which supports a new set of "rel" and data-image" attributes you can insert into arbitrary links to quickly create link or image link togglers.

06/21/2009- Drill Down Menu v1.5: Menu updated to v1.5, which includes ability to fetch menu contents via Ajax, create arbitrary links that act as "back" buttons, plus numerous bug fixes.

06/01/2009- AnyLink CSS Menu v2.0, AnyLink Drop Down Menu v2.0: Scripts now run automatically after DOM has loaded, which means the init() function can now be called in the HEAD section.

05/23/2009- AnyLink CSS Menu v2.0, AnyLink Drop Down Menu v2.0: Adds ability to style the currently selected anchor link using CSS, or for image anchors, toggle between two images.

04/07/2009- jQuery Scroll to Top Control v1.1: Adds ability to scroll to an absolute position (from top of page) or specific element on the page instead. Also fixes scroll animation not working in Opera.

04/06/2009- Flashing Link script v2.0: Script rewritten and updated to v2.0. New version is easier to install, plus fixes an issue with hexadecimal color values not working.

03/24/2009- Accordion Content script v1.7: Adds a 3rd revealtype setting "clickgo", which causes browser to navigate to the URL specified inside the header after expanding its contents.

03/05/2009- Animated Collapsible DIV v2.2: Updated to v2.2, which adds a ontoggle event handler, plus ability to expand DIV(s) via a URL parameter string.

02/11/2009- Smooth Navigational Menu: The currently active main menu item (LI A) now gets a CSS class of "selected", allowing you to style the menu item the user is currently over differently from the rest.

02/06/2009- Simple Controls Gallery: Updated to v1.3, which adds several enhancements, including a "Description Panel" to optionally display a textual description of a slide within gallery.

12/23/2008- All Levels Menu: Refined animation so it's based on a certain duration (ie: 1 sec) plus separated into two separate effects- "slide in" and "fade in".

12/12/2008- Smooth Navigational Menu: Fixed Shadow issue when multiple LIs within the same UL (level) contain sub menus.

11/21/2008- Virtual Pagination script: A big update to v2.0, the new version adds a trio of new features and lots of minor improvements.

10/29/2008- Chrome CSS Drop Down Menu: Updated to v2.5, which adds ability to customize reveal animation speed, plus IE8 beta2 compatibility.

10/21/2008- Step Carousel Viewer: Fixes problem with user functions stepBy() and stepTo() not stopping auto stepping of Carousel when called.

10/21/2008- Ajax Pagination script: Fixed bug with no content showing when there's only one page.

10/11/2008- All Levels Navigational Menu: Tweaked sliding animation, added ability to disable iframeshim, customize speed of sliding animation.

10/03/2008- Accordion Content script v1.6: Fixes one bug, plus adds nice user specified delay before headers are toggled when set to do so "mouseover". Also updated Accordion Menu page with a new Urban Gray Accordion Menu.

09/23/2008- Step Carousel Viewer: Adds ability for Carousel to auto rotate through the panels, along with changes to the way the very last panel is shown.

09/19/2008- Circling text trail: Updated to be more configurable, follows the cursor even on wide pages, and works in modern browsers with or without a valid URL DOCTYPE.

09/11/2008- Drop Down/ Overlapping Content: Fixed bug whereby drop down content isn't revealed onClick of anchor in Safari/ Google Chrome.

09/10/2008- All Levels Navigational Menu Added optional "sliding" animation when sub menus are revealed.

08/13/2008- Step Carousel Viewer: Adds 4 new much requested features, from option to stop Carousel from wrapping around after reaching the end, to last viewed panel persistence and automatically added left and right navigational images.

08/13/2008- All Levels Navigational Menu: Moved "rel" attribute from menu's <li> elements to inner <a>, for validation reasons.

08/09/2008- Ajax Pagination script: Adds ability to limit the range of the visible pagination links shown for a book with many pages, persistence for the last viewed page.

07/23/2008- Chrome CSS Drop Down Menu: Updated script from v2.01 to v2.4. Two new features, one bug fix, and increased unobtrusiveness rounds out this update.

07/19/2008- All Levels Navigational Menu: Drop down menu now positions at top of window edge if there's neither room downwards or upwards to settle.

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