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March 16th, 2002

Expandable ticker Credits: Dynamic Drive
Inspired by a similar script done by Premshree (author of "News Bar" below), this script expands on the regular ticker tape, by delivering its messages both in sequence (one at a time), and optionally, all at once. The advantage of this is that the viewer can then view any message within the ticker on demand.

News Bar Credits: Premshree Pillai
This is an attractive "news bar" script. Messages are automatically rotated and displayed, with the ability to manually cycle back and forth through them. This script is created entirely using form buttons.

Top Navigational Bar IV Credits: Andy Woolley
A long overdue update, Andy's much acclaimed menu script has just been bumped up from 3.0 to the latest version, 3.3. Don't let the numbers fool you- this is definitely no small update. Sorry Andy for taking so long to get to it :) 

March 6th, 2002- Updates updates...

What's more fun than rewriting a few lines of code and calling it a day's work? That's what we've been doing (except it turned it to be many many lines) the past few days, with the following three scripts:

1) Top Navigational Bar I- The first menu script that spawned the series, we've revitalized this script for NS6/Opera 6 compatibility, and a sleeker interface.
2) Smart folding menu tree- Once again, this script is now also compatible in NS6
3) Fancy cursor script- You know the drill. Notice the new code for defining a "hand" cursor.

Feburary 27th, 2002

Pop-it menu Credits: Dynamic Drive
Pop-it allows you to associate a dynamic menu with regular links on your page. As the mouse moves over the link in question, a menu pops up containing "sub links". Think of it as a "loose" drop down menu.

Feburary 25th, 2002

3D starfield Credits: Mikhail Ansolis
Take your webpage into the stars with this 3D starfield script! The stars travel towards you in an incessant manner.

"Accept terms" form submission Credits: Dynamic Drive
Does your form contain an "Accept terms" section users must agree to before submitting the form? If so, this script helps enforce it, by disabling the submit button until he/she checks a box indicating compliance.

Feburary 19th, 2002

Open offsite links in new window Credits: Jessica Hammer
Concerned about people leaving your site when navigating to offsite links? A derivative of the script Open links in new window, this one targets only links not of your domain to open in a new window. Links that belong to your own domain (the domain which you specify inside the script) will not be affected.

Feburary 11th, 2002

Drop-in image slideshow Credits: Dynamic Drive
We got our idea for this script from an applet on the web. Instead of simply rotating and displaying images, this image slideshow glides each one into view from the very top. A classic applet- and now DHTML- effect!

Drop-in image slideshow II (hyperlinked) Credits: Dynamic Drive
Version II of the original, slimmer Drop-in slideshow above, this one hyperlinks each image, so you can associate a unique URL with each slide.

HV Menu All Credits: Ger Versluis
Ger's popular HV menu script has just been updated from version 5.0 to version 5.41. Noteworthy changes include the ability to statically position menu.

Feburary 1st, 2002

Bottom slide tooltip Credits: Ron Grafe
This bottom slide-in box can be used as an "aid" or "tooltip" for your page elements. Move your mouse over the element in question, and a description will slide in from the bottom of the browser. 

January 29th, 2002

Kissing trail Credits: Dig8
Valentines is soon approaching. Spread the love on your site with this kissing trail script! It plants big kisses behind your mouse as it moves, each disappearing only after a noticeable delay. Quite impressive.

Reflex tester Credits: Andy Scott
Test and sharpen your reflexes with this DHTML reflex tester. Calculates how fast you can react to a "HTML block" that changes color.

January 17th, 2002

IFRAME ticker Credits: Dynamic Drive
This script is similar to the below "IFRAME scroller", except the messages are rotated and displayed one at a time. Created by user request.

Custom cursor script Credits: Dynamic Drive
Starting in IE6, for the first time ever, you can specify your own image for the browser to use as the cursor! The image will replace the default "arrow" one.

January 5th, 2002

Drop down menu generator Credits: Dynamic Drive
This is a cross-browser drop down menu script. Click on a text link, and a menu appears beneath it containing "sub" links. We've just updated this popular application for code reduction, plus compatiblity in NS6.

December 28th, 2001

IFRAME scroller Credits: Dynamic Drive
With the help of <IFRAME>, this scroller script uses an external HTML file as its content to display, making updating and adding rich HTML to the scroller a breeze. Works in both IE4+ and NS6+, degrading well with the rest (simply not appearing).

Hover-up menu bar Credits: Dynamic Drive
Add some eye candy to your menu links without resorting to slow loading images. This DHTML script applies a "hover up" effect to any menu, where the link in question "surfaces" when the mouse is over it.

December 17th, 2001

Dynamic countdown script II Credits: Dynamic Drive, modified by Chuck Winrich
Version 2 of the Dynamic countdown script is accurate to the second. This allows you to count down to a particular event that's time sensitive (and not just day).

Flying Planes script Credits: John Ely
This DHTML script animates images cross the screen in a horizontal, left right manner. Here it's used to gently glide planes across the user's browser. A minor suggestion- replace those planes with sleigh :)

December 5th, 2001

Top Navigational Bar IV Credits: Andy Woolley
Our Top Menu series welcome its latest member- Andy's cleanly designed, multi-level navigational menu.

November 30th, 2001

Popup boxes updated
Both Popup box I and Popup box II have just been updated. The former is now compatible with all DHTML browsers (IE4+, NS4, NS6), while the later adds to that with a very impressive interface upgrade. Use them to display information in a eye-catching manner. 

November 22nd, 2001

Drop-in content box Credits: Dynamic Drive
Ensure that particular content on your page gets the attention it deserves, by dropping it into view, using this script. Whether it is an important announcement, an advertisement, or an ode to your pet you feel everyone should read, the choice is yours!

November 19th, 2001

Spider web links Credits: Urs Dudli/ Peter Gehrig
Creativity and ingenuity come together here to form one of the most unique onMouseover effects for your links. With the help of VML, a "spider web" follows the mouse, and expands when moved over designated links.

HV Menu Credits: Ger Versluis
The mighty HV menu has just been updated with several new features, including support for relative positioning, rollover images, and more precise control of menu dimensions. Oh yes, a few bugs were squashed along the way too.

November 12, 2001

Rain/Snow effect without images Credits: Craig Blanchette
This is simply one of the most efficient, elegant rain/snow effects we've seen. Created without the aid of images, it's also hassle-free to install. Toggle between rain and snow effect with the change of one variable!

November 9th, 2001

Trembling message Credits: Dynamic Drive
Make select messages on your page "shiver" slighly to draw attention to them, with this text script. Likely candidates to put out in the cold are important announcements, advertising text etc. The tremor works in both IE4+ and NS6+.

Elastic band trail Credits: Elastic_Ouille_script@GHindoute.net
Using VML (vectored graphics) to generate the "string" interface and DHTML to then animate it, this script creates an "elastic band" trail for your mouse. Fling it around and watch it bounce back. Thanks to Dereck Moath for submitting this script to us.

October 29th, 2001

Message encrypter Credits: Naresh Kumar
Feel like James Bond and send secret messages! This script scrambles regular text into encoded form using your selected "key." Recipients must then possess the key to be able to decipher the message. Great fun, with one practical use to send out encrypted emails to your friends.

October 16th, 2001

Open links in new window Credits: spk100
Add the option of allowing links on your page to be opened in a new window with this powerful script. A simple checkbox toggles between current and new window.

Circling text trail Credits: Tim Tilton
Have a textual message circle your mouse cursor and follow it around using this DHTML script.

October 11th, 2001

pathGenerator Credits: Svetlin Staev (modified by Dynamic Drive)
pathGenerator is an online wizard that allows anyone to easily create an animating layer that follows any desired path. Just drag your mouse to map out its course, and the corresponding code is instantly generated. Note that IE5+ is needed to use this app, though the generated code works across all DHTML browsers. Very cool!

Slide-in scroller Credits: Dynamic Drive
This scroller script conjures up a lively way of bringing messages into view- by sliding them from the left edge of the window.

September 26th, 2001

Highlight form element script Credits: Dynamic Drive
Increase the "intuitiveness" of filling out forms on your site with this script. It applies coloring to the form element in focus, better indicating which one the user is currently on.

Drop-down document viewer II Credits: Dynamic Drive
Version II of the original drop down document viewer below, this script uses text links instead to allow your visitors to select/ view external documents from your site. Created upon user request.

September 24th, 2001

Drop down menu w/ description Credits: Dynamic Drive
This is your straightforward drop down menu, except in IE4+ and NS6+, a description of each selection is displayed beneath it!

Flying letters Credits: Matthias De Schagt
Animate your site's header into view, one letter at a time, with this one-of-a-kind script!

September 13th, 2001

Drop-down document viewer Credits: Dynamic Drive
Use this versatile DHTML script to allow your visitors to select/ view external documents from your site. Specify whether the selected page is loaded in an inline frame or new window.

Disable IE6 image toolbar Credits: Dynamic Drive
"Image Toolbar" is a IE6+ specific feature that allows your visitors to easily save, email, or print images off of your site. Use this script to disable this functionality, so your site's images are not so readily exposed to manipulation.

Popup information box II Credits: Updated by Dynamic Drive
Use these colorful popups to provide additional information about any link, inline and non intrusively as the mouse moves over the link. Updated to NS6 compatibility and minor bug fixes.

September 3rd, 2001

Background image slideshow Credits: Dynamic Drive
This script uses your webpage's background as canvas for sliding images into view. Use it to display images in a creative way or to simply to rotate the background's image.

August 30th, 2001

Top Navigational Menu II Credits: Mike Hall
Just one day into the release of IE6, and we've already gotten several emails regarding the spiffy browser and Top Navigational Menu II. Apparently the two don't mingle too well; moving your mouse over the sub menus causes them  to prematurely close. Well, Helge Damsholt (a DD visitor) sent us an update to correct this abnormality. Thanks Helge!

August 28th, 2001

Generic Drag script Credits: Dynamic Drive
Enable arbitrary elements to instantly be draggable in both IE4+ and NS6+ with this script. For the record, we attempted to port the code for NS4 as well, but the result was an awfully bloated script with significant compromises to its versatility. Oh well, scrap that thought! Note that this script replaces the original "draggable elements" script.

Comet Trail Credits: Kurt Grigg
We like this mouse trail script for its non intrusive- yet visually impressive- nature. Now your site's mouse is the cursor comet!

Analog clock (static) Credits: Kurt Grigg
DHTML clock scripts sure have come a long way since the straightforward numeric display. Meet this clock app, which shows  neatly in the browser's corner the time in standard format. Note that this script replaces the original "analog clock" script.

August 22nd, 2001

The just released Netscape 6.1 continues to borrow from IE to add to its own. Case in point: NS6.1 now supports the event document.oncontextmenu, which fires whenever the user right clicks the mouse. With that in mind, we've just updated the following two relevant scripts to function in NS6.1+ as well:

Context menu script Credits: Dynamic Drive
Display a custom menu in place of the default context menu when you right click the mouse, with this script.

No right click III (silent) Credits: Renigade
Disable users' ability to right click on your page. Updated to now work in NS6.1 (previous version works up until NS6.01).

August 16th, 2001

Refresh page script Credits: Brett Taylor
Certain situations call for the refreshing of the webpage every few seconds/ minutes (such as a webcam page). Use Brett's script to carry out this task in a graceful, "visual" manner.

Arrow head title Credits: Dynamic Drive
Have moving arrows point at your document's title, with this fun script! Effect works in both IE4+ and NS6+, degrading well with the rest of the bunch.

August 13th, 2001

No select text script Credits: Andy Scott
Disable viewers' ability to select text on your page, by installing this script. With it, dragging the mouse over text has no effect. This script works in both IE4+ and NS6- check out the technique used to accomplish the task in the later browser.

August 9th, 2001

In-your-face message greeting Credits: Updated by Dynamic Drive
We've just updated Steve's message script to work in NS6, plus the ability to customize color. It's a very cool effect that zooms in a piece of text until it spans the entire window before dismissing. Certainly an interesting way to greet your visitors!