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Flexi slideshow

Author: Dynamic Drive

Description: One of the biggest complaints of regular image slideshows is that the participating images must be of the same width/height. Well, we named this script Flexi (flexible) Slideshow for its ability to accommodate images of different dimensions. A quick breakdown of its features:

  • Images within the slideshow do not have to be of the same dimensions.

  • Script preloads all participating images.

  • Each image within slideshow can be optionally hyperlinked.

  • A text description can be optionally added beneath any image within slideshow.

  • A background color can be added to slideshow.

Demo: (second image within slide is hyperlinked plus carries a text description)

Directions Developer's View

Simply add the below where you wish the slideshow to appear:

Select All

There are a few variables you'll need to define. Please refer to documentation inside the script.

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