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New DHTML and CSS Codes

  • Parallax Slider  New Script Aug-21-14
    Parallax Slider incorporates a parallax scrolling effect where each slide and its contents glide into view at different speeds, creating a captivating visual experience. The slider is responsive in nature, and supports other nifty features such as manual or automatic mode, stop rotating after x cycles, persistence of the last shown slide, and more.
  • DD ScrollSpy Menu  Updated Script Aug-05-14
    Updated to v1.2, which supports  showing a progress bar inside each menu item, plus other minor improvements.
  • Background Image Carousel  Updated Script June-26-14
    Flexible carousel dimensions now supported, swipe to navigate added, plus other minor enhancements.
  • Ultimate Fade-in slide show v2.6  Updated Script June-22-14
    Script updated to v2.6, which adds responsive layout, swipe to navigate in desktop/ mobile devices.
  • Continuous Reel Slideshow  Updated Script June-07-14
    Updated to v1.1, which enables swipe navigation in touch friendly devices.
  • Side Push Menu  New Script April-22-14
    This is the emblematic menu of the mobile web era- it's a side bar menu that when opened pushes aside the rest of the page's content horizontally, similar to the navigation menu found on Facebook Mobile. It supports either a left or right orientation, with the contents of the menu optionally pulled from an external file on the server.
  • Responsive Hybrid Menu  New Script Mar-13-14
    Hybrid Menu a responsive, 2 level navigation menu with multiple stages of adaptation depending on the user's screen size. The menu changes from a regular top menu bar with text anchors, to icons based, and finally to a left side bar menu as the user's screen size decreases.
  • Page Sideview Menu  New Script Feb-10-14
    This menu displays itself prominently on the page with the help of css3 transforms and transitions. The menu glides in from the left edge of the screen while shrinking the rest of the page content into the background, bringing the user's focus squarely on the menu itself.
  • Compact Drop Down Menus  New Script Jan-16-14
    This is a multi-level drop down menu that's also a space saver, by stacking the sub menus on top of one another when revealed. CSS3 transforms are used for the transition effect between sub menu changes, though the menu is functional in legacy browsers as well, including IE8+.

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