NS6+ IE5+ Opera 7+

JsDOMenu 1.3

Note: Last updated January 31st, 05' to version 1.3

Description: JsDOMenu is a very impressive, 100% DOM based navigational menu. Not one document.write() was used in its implementation. Some features of this script are:

  • Tested and works in many browsers, such as:
    • Mozilla 1.x
    • Mozilla Firebird 0.7
    • Mozilla Firefox 0.8 - 0.9
    • Netscape 7.x
    • Opera 7.23 - 7.51
    • Safari 1.x
    • Camino 0.8
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 - 6
  • Can be configured as a context menu, where the menu pops up when the user right or left clicks the mouse. Furthermore, you can define a "region", for example, inside a particular DIV, that the menu will show up when the user clicks the mouse, and only within this region. Clicking outside this region won't activate it. 
  • Can be configured as a regular menu, fixed at a certain location on the page (absolutely positioned). Menu can also be set to remain visible even if user scrolls the page.
  • Supports menu positioning of "static", or relatively positioned on the page, inline just like regular content. New in version 1.3
  • Menu item can display an icon to the left of it. New in version 1.3
  • Supports unlimited sub menus.
  • Switch to an alternate stylesheet to change the theme of the menu bars and menus without reloading the page (works in Mozilla/ NS7+).
  • 100% HTML/ XHTML compliant.

Also see: JsDOMenubar, a horizontal menu bar based on JsDOMenu.

Demo 1: Look at the below (statically positioned menu).
Demo 2: Right click your mouse button to activate context menu example (not available in Opera 7, as Opera7 doesn't support document.oncontextmenu).

Directions: Download the following zip file, and refer to "install.htm" for installation instructions.

jsdomenu1.3.zip (right click, and select Save As).

Configuring the menu

Inside the above zip file you're find comprehensive documentation and examples of jsDomenu in action. Furthermore, we've added an extra folder, "dynamicdrive.com", which contains 3 simplified demos of our own to help you more easily understand how to customize the script.

Upgrading from version 1.1.3

To upgrade from version 1.1.3, you'll need to redownload the entire zip file above and set up your menu links again, as the basic structure of jsDomenu has changed in 1.2.1 from previous versions.

Upgrading from version 1.2.1

To upgrade from version 1.2.1, you'll need to replace your existing .js files with the new ones. For your menu structure, the key function "menuObj = new jsDOMenu()" has changed in terms of accepted parameters, so you'll need to modify this function per the included instruction.

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