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  • Power List Menu  New Script March-3rd-15
    Power List Menu is a mobile centric,  mult-level menu that transforms  a nested UL into a series of slide-in panels that occupy no more space than the top level UL itself. Click on a header, and the corresponding sub UL slides into view over the parent UL.
  • Coverflow Image Gallery  New Script Jan-15-15
    Coverflow Image Gallery is a  Apple pioneered 3D looking image gallery that when clicked on displays a larger version of the image. A description can also be shown beneath the enlarged image.
  • Full Screen Mobile Menu  Updated Script Dec-15-14
    To compensate for the limited screen space offered on mobile devices, this mobile-first navigation menu creates a slide in menu that takes up the entire screen when expanded.
  • Step Carousel Viewer  Updated Script Nov-25-14
    Upgraded to v2.0 Adds support for fluid width carousel, navigation by swiping/ mouse dragging, and image-less navigation buttons. Script now also compatible with latest versions of jQuery.
  • Side Push Menu  Updated Script Nov-03-14
    Upgraded to v1.1, which adds an animated drawer button to default code, plus fixes couple of minor bugs.
  • Before and After Image script  New Script Oct-16-14
    This script lets you view an "after" version of any image as an overlay of the original one in dramatic fashion. A "draggable" handlebar lets the user adjust the ratio of the two images to view simultaneously. It supports the ability to update the set of images shown on demand, plus change the main container dimensions.
  • Simple Image Panner and Zoomer  Updated Script Oct-01-14
    Script now works on mobile devices, zoom in/out controls can be any arbitrary HTML (instead of images specifically).
  • Parallax Slider  New Script Aug-21-14
    Parallax Slider incorporates a parallax scrolling effect where each slide and its contents glide into view at different speeds, creating a captivating visual experience. The slider is responsive in nature, and supports other nifty features such as manual or automatic mode, stop rotating after x cycles, persistence of the last shown slide, and more.
  • DD ScrollSpy Menu  Updated Script Aug-05-14
    Updated to v1.2, which supports  showing a progress bar inside each menu item, plus other minor improvements.

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