Links and Buttons

Sticky Tooltip Script FF1+ IE6+ Opr9+
This script adds a rich HTML tooltip to elements that's revealed when the mouse rolls over them, in which the tooltip follows the cursor around as it moves about within the element. The tooltip can be "stickied", or kept visible on the screen by right clicking on pressing "s" should the user wish to interact with some content within the tooltip, such as click a link inside it. The contents for each tooltip are simply defined as regular HTML on the page, making them very easy to define and customize.

Cool DHTML Tooltip FF1+ IE5+ Opr7+
This is a practical, elegant DHTML tooltip script. Use it to display additional information about a link or any other element (ie: table) when the mouse moves over it. A customizable tooltip pops up, which works in all modern DHTML browsers- IE4+, NS6+, and Opera 7+.

Cool DHTML Tooltip II FF1+ IE5+ Opr7+
Fancy looking tooltips with an "arrow" pointer are commonly found in desktop applications. Well, now you can add a similarly looking tooltip to your webpage! Similar in function to Cool DHTML Tooltip above.

Rich HTML Balloon Tooltip FF1+ IE5+ Opr7+
This is a balloon style tooltip (tooltip with an arrow image) that can be applied to any link(s) on the page. The tooltips themselves are merely hidden DIVs on the page, making it very easy to add arbitrary/ rich HTML inside of them.

Speech Bubbles tooltip FF1+ IE7+ Opr9+
Speech Bubbles Tooltip lets you add tooltips to links using either the value of the link's title attribute, or rich HTML defined all inside a single HTML file and fetched using Ajax instead. The style of the tooltip is modelled after the iconic speech bubble and uses NO images.

Fixed Tooltip script FF1+ IE5+ Opr7+
Looking for a tooltip script where the tooltip is anchored to the link's position rather than following the mouse around? Fixed Tooltip script behaves in just this manner.

Image w/ description tooltip FF1+ IE6+ Opr8+
Move the mouse over a link and have the image of your choice plus corresponding description pop up, by using this tooltip script. Great for viewing images on demand.

Bottom slide tooltip FF1+ IE5+ Opr7+
User Submitted
This bottom slide-in box can be used as an "aid" or "tooltip" for your page elements. Move your mouse over the element in question, and a description will slide in from the bottom of the browser. 

Textual tooltip FF1+ IE5+ Opr7+
Use this script to provide textual information about a link(s)! Move the mouse over certain links, and accompanying text appears on the page describing the link. The text can be HTML based (bold, italic etc).

Textual tooltip II (fade into view) FF1+ IE5+ Opr7+
This is version two of the above script, which fades into view a text description of each link as the mouse moves over them.

Open offsite links in new window FF1+ IE5+ Opr7+
Concerned about people leaving your site when navigating to offsite links? This script lets you either automatically have all offsite links open in a new window, or let the user decide, via a checkbox. Links that belong to your own domain(s)- as specified by you inside the script- are not affected either way.
Also Listed in Windows and frames

Drop Down/ Overlapping Content FF1+ IE5+ Opr7+
This script lets you display content in tight areas on your page, by dropping it down into view when the mouse rolls over the anchor element. The content temporarily overlaps anything beneath it. It's extremely handy for displaying search boxes, additional links etc in a tight area, such as the sidebar column of a page.

Link Floatie script FF1+ IE5+ Opr7+
Link Floatie script lets you display a description of a link or additional content onMouseover. The floatie gradually fades into view in the lower right corner of the browser.

Link Description script FF1+ IE5+ Opr7+
Bestow meaning to your text links with this script. As the mouse hovers over a link, a corresponding text description appears beneath it.

Bullet Image Link script FF1+ IE5+ Opr7+
This unique script dynamically positions a "bullet" image of your choice alongside arbitrary links when the mouse moves over them, "highlighting" them. Simply give the links in question a CSS class name of "ddbullet", and the script handles the rest. Great way to draw attention to specific links on your page.

DHTML Tip Message (aka Popup Information box) FF1+ IE5+ Opr7+
-User Submitted
This script creates a comprehensive DHTML tip message to help describe important links on your webpage. It is extremely versatile in its placement and special effects to render as the tooltip is being displayed.

Popup information box II FF1+ IE5+ Opr7+
Similar in function to the above, use these colorful popups to provide additional information about any link, inline and non intrusively as the mouse moves over the link. Cool, we say!

Show Hint script FF1+ IE5+ Opr7+
"Show Hint" script displays an attractive hint box containing additional explanation on any item on your page. A hint box pops up next to the item when the mouse moves over it with relevant hints or useful information, such as alongside certain form fields instructing the user how to fill each one out.
Also Listed in Form Category.

Scrolling HTML Bookmarks FF1+ IE5+ Opr7+
This script brings smoothness to the behaviour of same page HTML bookmarks on the page, so clicking on them gently scrolls the user to the designated HTML anchor, instead of abruptly. Furthermore, you can use this script to scroll to any element on the page with a unique ID attribute defined.

Scroll to Top link FF1+ IE7+ Opr9+
This is a no fuss script for automatically scrolling the page back to the very top when invoked. For long pages, having a scroll to top link makes good usability sense, and with this script, it's dead simple to add one to your pages. The standonly script doesn't rely on any JS script library (such as jQuery).

Automatic Anchors Links from Headers FF1+ IE7+ Opr9+
-User Submitted
This jQuery script automatically generates a table of contents from all of the headers on the page (H1, H2, CUSTOM etc), enabling viewers to navigate to key sections with ease. Set whether to animate the scroll mechanic, limit number of characters shown for each header link, and more.

Flashing links FF1+ IE6+ Opr7+
Use this script to make certain links on your page flash. Easy to install and highly versatile, it'll make visitors look at the links on your page in a completely different light!

Rainbow links FF1+ IE5+ Opr7+
-User Submitted
A unique script that applies the colors of the rainbow to a link when the mouse hovers over it.

Link Extractor FF1+ IE5+ Opr7+
A Perl-like tool that extracts out all of the links in a document, and writes it neatly to a new window.

Home Hot Key IE5+ Opr7+ legacy
A script that jumps back "home" when a key is pressed. In other words, a script that allows you to specify a target url to go to when a key from the keyboard is pressed.

Popup information box III FF1+ IE5+ Opr7+ legacy
-User Submitted
This great popup info box gradually fades into view (in IE4+ and NS6). As with the other two scripts above, use it to provide textual information regarding link(s).

Jump to top Link FF1+ IE5+ Opr7+ legacy
For pages that are several folds long, providing a quick way to get to the top may be appreciated by your visitors. Use this script to do just that, via a hovering lower right link.

Spider web links IE5+ legacy
-User Submitted
Creativity and ingenuity come together here to form one of the most unique onMouseover effects for your links. With the help of VML, a "spider web" follows the mouse, and expands when moved over designated links. 

onMouseover Link Effects IE wizard.gif (1201 bytes) legacy
A CSS script that changes the appearance of  links in a document upon mouse over. A common example are the links on the frontpage of Microsoft's Homepage. Moving the mouse over the links causes them to change color.

Text Link Underline Remover FF1+ IE5+ Opr7+ legacy
A CSS code that removes the underline beneath all text links in a document.

Back-Home button IE5+ legacy
This script creates a button that takes the user back to the browser's default homepage when clicked on. Not exactly practical, but definitely fun to have on your webpage!

Depressible DHTML buttons IE5+ legacy
-User Submitted
Use this visual DHTML script to transform regular text/ image into depressible buttons! The result is a 3D button that pops up when the mouse hovers over it, depressed when the mouse is down, and back to normal when out. Easy to install and degrades well with all other browsers.

Rollover background-image button FF1+ IE5+ Opr7+ legacy
A script that applies a (different) background image to any form button as the mouse moves over it.

Rollover background-color button FF1+ IE5+ Opr7+ legacy
A script that makes any form button change background color as the mouse moves over it.

Scrolling tooltip IE5+ Opr7+ legacy
An alternate version of the above tooltip script that creates a "scrolling" tooltip. Definitely more eye catching, if nothing else.

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