HTML5 background audio player FF3.5+ IE9+ Opera10.5+
HTML5 background audio player lets you play "soothing" background music on your pages with a simple user interface to control basic tasks such as stopping or lowering its volume. Unlike a regular audio player, it can remember the player's current point in the music playback, volume, and whether it's paused within a browser session, so as the user moves from page to page that contains the audio player, the music plays continuously with minimal disruptions.

DOM Drag & Drop script FF1+ IE5+ Opr7+
-User Submitted

This is a no fuss DOM drag script that be used on any relatively or absolutely positioned element on the page to make it instantly dragable. The script also fires 3 custom event handlers that let your page sense and react to the dragging in some fashion.

Slick Custom Scrollbar script FF3+ IE8+ Opr9+
There are plenty of situations where the default scrollbar of the browser doesn't quite cut it in terms of style or footprint. Well, Slick Custom Scrollbar lets you replace the default browser scrollbar on long content with a custom one instead, styled using pure CSS.

FaceScroll Custom Scrollbar FF3.5+ IE8+ Opr10+
FaceScroll is a versatile Facebook inspired custom scrollbar script that can be applied to overflowing content on your page, sitting in for the default browser scrollbar. Similar in style and function to the scrollbar found in Facebook's news ticker widget, it can be set to appear only when the mouse rolls over a content.

Copy text to clipboard script IE9+ FF41+ Chrome42+
This script uses the JavaScript method document.execCommand() to copy the selected text to clipboard using JavaScript only (ie: no Flash).  Drag over any selected text to have the selection automatically copied to the clipboard (with a tooltip to indicate success). The result works in IE9+, Firefox 41+, Chrome 42+, and Opera 29+.

Color Picker Widget (YUI Based) FF1+ IE6+ Opr7+
Color Picker Widget iis an advanced Color Picker script that can be easily integrated into any form field(s). Based on YUI's Color Picker control, it supports the ability to display the Color Picker either inline on the page, or as a floating widget, activated by clicking on a "control".

ColorJack DHTML color picker FF1+ IE6+ Opr8+
-User Submitted
ColorJack DHTML color picker is a cross browser, sleek color picker that's compact to boot. Licensed under Creative Commons, use it on your sites or web apps.

Google Map Selector FF1+ IE6+ Op8+
This jQuery script lets you easily embed a Google Map on your page that supports switching between multiple addresses. A two column layout is presented by default, with the list of desired addresses on the left column and a Google Map on the right.

Time-based Progress Bar FF1+ IE5+ Opr7+
-User Submitted
This is a fully customizable "time based" progress bar. Set any duration (ie: 10 seconds) for the script to finish loading the bar. A great script to provide graphical countdown to any action that involves a delay before execution.

Event-based Progress Bar FF1+ IE5+ Opr7+
-User Submitted
This is an event-based progress bar which you can add to existing scripts that require graphical representation. Using 3 pre-exposed methods, you control precisely when it loads and by how much each time.

WinXP Progress Bar FF1+ IE5+ Opr7+
-User Submitted
A great looking pure DHTML progress bar that resembles the one seen in Window XP's startup screen. All visual aspects of the bar can be customized, and the script can be invoked multiple times to display multiple bars on the same page.

Pie Graph script FF1+ IE5+ Opr7+
-User Submitted
This is a purely DHTML/ CSS based Pie Graph script. It loads fast and blends in with the rest of the page.

Line Graph script FF1+ IE5+ Opr7+
-User Submitted
Based on the same library as the Pie Graph script, this is a purely DHTML/ CSS based Line Graph script. It loads fast and blends in with the rest of the page.

Gradual Element Fader FF1+ IE5+ Opr8+
This is a generic fader script that can be applied to element(s) on the page to make them gradually fade into view when the mouse rolls over them, and fade out when out. Just give the desired elements on the page a "class=gradualfader" to kick start the effect.

Animated document title FF1+ IE5+ Opr7+
Possibly the net's first, this DHTML script brings to life once the dullest of the dull element on your page- the TITLE. The script automatically seeks out the <title> of your document, and animates it to view in IE 4+ and NS 6. All other browsers will simply see the text in its original static state.

Arrow head title FF1+ IE5+ Opr7+
Have moving arrows point at your document's title, with this fun script! Effect works in both IE4+ and NS6+, degrading well with the rest of the bunch.

jQuery Custom Scrollbar FF3+ IE7+ Opr8+ legacy
jQuery custom scrollbar script lets you replace the default scrollbar of overflowing content with a custom image based one instead. Both horizontal and vertical scrollbars are supported. The script once initialized also exposes several public methods for dynamically scrolling to particular points within the content.

DHTML Calculator with receipt output IE5+ Opr7+ legacy
A DHTML calculator that also outputs a "receipt" after each calculation, like a cash register!

Flashing table border FF1+ IE5+ Opr7+ legacy
A script that flashes the border of a table, alternating between two colors.

Scrollbar colors customization IE5+ legacy
Colorize the scrollbars of your webpage with this CSS script.

onMouseover scrollbar effect IE5+ legacy
-User Submitted
Use this unique script to apply a rollover effect to your webpage's scrollbar!

Ajax load XML file script FF1+ IE5+ Opera7+ legacy
-User Submitted
This script demonstrates the concept of using Ajax to load a simple XML file and display it on the page.

Gradient Bar IE5+ Opr7+ legacy
-User Submitted
An impressive demonstration of using DHTML code to render a gradient bar. Easily change the bar's color, position and direction, all through the setting of a few variables!

DHTML Adjust Bars IE legacy
-User Submitted
This is a demonstration of using DHTML to create "adjust" bars, similar in interface to a volume control bar of Windows. In the demo, the bars function as color adjusters, though, through modification, can be set to do virtually anything.

JavaScript Sound effect IE5+ legacy
Add a sound effect to your webpage for certain actions, such as when the user moves his mouse over a link. This IE-only script is simple yet versatile, allowing you to instantly apply the sound to multiple items on the page. Relies on the <BGSOUND> tag.

pathGenerator FF1+ IE5+ wizard.gif (1201 bytes)  legacy
-User Submitted
_pathGenerator is an online wizard that allows anyone to easily create an animating layer that follows any desired path. Just drag your mouse to map out its course, and the corresponding code is instantly generated. Note that IE5 is needed to use this app, though the generated code works across all DHTML browsers.

Find In Page Script FF1+ IE5+ legacy
-User Submitted
This cross browser DHTML script simulates the Edit> Find In Page feature of the browser to allow your visitors to easily search for a particular text on your page. As in the "Find In Page" feature, it highlights the searched text if found, otherwise, prompts a "Not Found" message. Supports searching of both current page and a particular frame.

VML Editor IE5+ legacy
-User Submitted
VML (Vector Markup Language) is a text based vector graphics format proprietary to Internet Explorer. Jacco has created the following powerful VML editor to allow you to use your mouse to visually render basic VML text and shapes, with the corresponding VML codes then generated. A powerful demonstration of DHTML and VML.

Highlight Table Cells Script FF1+ IE5+ Opr7+ legacy
Give any table a "rollover" personality with this script! Using it, you can allow the cells of any given table to change color when the mouse rolls over them. This is a very powerful script that can add a little magic to any table, whatever the table is used for.

Tip of the day dialog IE5+ legacy
-User Submitted
Provide daily tidbits of interesting information to your visitors, in an even more interesting way, with this ultimate tip of the day script!

DHTML Calculator IE5+ Opr7+ legacy
A DHTML calculator with error checking. Definitely more stylish than the traditional JavaScript calculator, if nothing else!

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