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  • Youtube/ Vimeo Video Outro script  New Script Sept-15-16
    This jQuery plugin lets you add a custom "outro" to the end of embedded Youtube or Vimeo videos on your site! Display arbitrary rich HTML content inside the outro.
  • All Levels Navigational Menu  Revised Script Aug-15-16
    Revamped mobile menu to full page side menu, adds animation between level changes.
  • Zoomio (jQuery in-place image zoom)  New Script June-29-16
    Zoomio is an easy to set up, mobile friendly Image Zoom script that overlays an enlarged image directly on top of the original image when activated. Many ecommerce sites use a similar script to enable users to get a closer look at product shots.
  • Hamburger Icon Menu  New Script May-12-16
    This menu combines the two popular trends of a full screen menu and using an "hamburger" style icon to toggle it to create a lightweight, elegant mobile friendly site menu!
  • Youtube Gallery Wall  New Script April-13-16
    Youtube Gallery Wall transforms a UL element containing links to Youtube videos into a "wall" of video thumbnails automatically. Clicking on a thumbnail plays the video in a lightbox.
  • YouTube Video Gallery script  New Script March-03-16
    Youtube Video Gallery is a responsive video gallery script for selecting from a playlist of Youtube videos to play from on your site. Thumbnails are automatically generated for each video and shown at the bottom of the main player.
  • Sticky Horizontal Menu  New Script Feb-01-16
    Sticky Horizontal Menu is a top UL menu that seamlessly transitions to being fixed in position when it's scrolled out of view, so it remains visible to the user at all times.
  • Blossom Opt-in Feature Box  New Script Jan-17-16
    Blossom is an attention grabbing feature box that conditionally pops up at the center of the user's screen once per browser session or user defined duration. It can be used as the classic opt-in box or simply to display certain content prominently.
  • DD Opt-in Box script  New Script Dec-29-15
    This is a lightweight opt-in box that expands into view to cover the whole screen when activated. It contains a mockup form that animates into view to grab user attention and effectively capture a user's email address.
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