NS6+ IE5+ Opera 7+

JsDOMenuBar version 1.11

Version: Updated Feb 23rd, 05' to version 1.11

Description: jsDOMenuBar is a cross browser horizontal menu bar based on the script jsDomMenu. It supports unlimited menu bar items, can be set to be draggable, and positioned either absolutely or relatively. jsDOMenuBar is 100% HTML/XHTML valid, and is fully customizable through CSS.

Some of the features of jsDOMenuBar are:

  • Tested and works in many browsers. Some are outlined below:
    • Mozilla 1.x
    • Mozilla Firebird 0.7
    • Mozilla Firefox 0.8 - 0.9
    • Netscape 7.x
    • Opera 7.23 - 7.51
    • Safari 1.x
    • Camino 0.8
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 - 6
  • Supports unlimited menu bar items.
  • Font, colour, background colour, styles, etc, of menu bars and menu bar items are fully customizable through CSS.
  • Switch to an alternate stylesheet to change the theme of the menu bars and menus without reloading the page (in NS7/ Mozilla)
  • 100% HTML/XHTML compliant. You do not need to insert any additional HTML tags such as <div>. No document.write() or document.writeln() used.
  • Configure whether the menu bar is draggable.
  • Configure whether the menu bar is absolutely positioned, fixed positioned (does not move with the page during scrolling), or static (exactly where you put it on the page). New!
  • Supports optional icons alongside select menu items. New!
  • Works in frames.

Demo 1: Look at the top of the page.

Directions: Download the following zip file, and refer to "docs/index.htm" for installation instructions.

jsdomenubar1_1_1.zip (right click, and select Save As).

Configuring the menu

Inside the above zip file you'll find comprehensive documentation and demos by the author on how to set up jsDomenuBar. Furthermore, we've added an extra "dynamicdrive" folder, which is self contained, and illustrates how the demo on this page was put together.

Upgrading from version 1.0.1

To upgrade from version 1.0.1, you'll need to replace your existing .js files with the new ones. For your menu structure, the key function "menuObj = new jsDOMenuBar()" has changed in terms of accepted parameters, so you'll need to modify this function per the included instruction.


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