Chromeless window (v3.5)

Author: Gabriel Suchowolski

Note: Minor changes to window interface by Dynamic Drive

Warning! The Chromeless Window script currently does NOT work in Windows XP from SP1 (Service Pack 1) and thereon after. The problem is due to a changed behavior in XP that prevents Chromeless Windows all together (security update). We're still observing to see if this behavior will be changed soon, though if not, may have to remove this script altogether. If you wish to use Chromeless Windows, please make sure you understand the above -Oct 28th, 2002.

Description: A chromeless window is a special type of window stripped of the conventional interface, such as titlebar, browser buttons, status bar etc (aka chrome). This allows you to implement your own chrome, from how the title bar should look, the buttons to display (ie: close, max), to whether to render a border. In other words, complete control over the window's look. 

The chromeless interface works in IE4+, with other browsers showing a regular popup window instead. 



Dynamic Drive FAQs

Directions: Developer's View

Step 1: Add the following script to the <HEAD> section of your page:

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Step 2: Refer to the below sample HTML to launch a chromeless window:

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Step 3: Finally, this script accesses an external .js file, plus employs some images. Download the following zip file: (download by right clicking, and selecting "Save as").

and unzip its contents. Then upload them into the same directory as where the script resides.

Installation note

The above zip file contains faq.htm, which explains in detail the parameters and variables used by the script to create the look of the chromeless window. Study this page to learn to fully harness the script.

Developer's note

So how is a chromeless window created? After all, as of sixth generation browsers, no default method exists to render such a window. Well, the secret's in IE4+'s support for another window function- open in fullscreen. A "fullscreen" window in IE4+ does not contain the default chrome. Couple that with some inventive scripting, and you've got a fully customizable chromeless window!

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