FF1+ IE5+

Document Wipes effect

Author: Sharon Paine | Homepage

Description: This is a DHTML intro effect that "wipes" desired messages onto the screen before redirecting to another page. Use it to provide an interesting introduction to anywhere within your site. Rich HTML supported, with full control over each message's display time.

Note that when browsers other than IE 4+/ NS4, NS6+ view the intro page, they will be directly taken to the destination URL (downgrades gracefully).

Demo: Click here to see the splash effect again...

Directions dview.gif (1470 bytes)

Download the following zip file, and extract its contents. In it you're find the following 3 files:

-wipedemo.htm (Edit and upload to your site)
-wipes.js (Upload to your site)
-dwc_btn.gif (example image used)

Simply edit the source of wipedemo.htm, and upload it along with the corresponding wipes.js file to your site. You may want to rename "wipedemo.htm" to a different name (ie: to index.htm), depending on how you wish to invoke the intro page.

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