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Chained Selects

Author: Dynamic Drive

Note: Updated Aug 26th, 04 for sub-list sharing bug, ability to reuse a list group.

Description: Chained Selects allows you to "chain" any number of selection lists together in an interdependent manner, creating a multi-level form menu! The script supports unlimited number of "levels", and for each page, unlimited number of separate chained Selects. When a list is empty, you can even configure the script to optionally hide or disable it. Very cool!

New! Script now supports a persistent feature, implemented using session cookies. With it enabled, the script remembers and loads the last selection lists of the user when page is reloaded or returned to. See updated docs for more info.

Demo: In the example below: 1) empty lists are disabled, 2) persistent feature is turned on (try reloading page).

See Also: Chained Select Menu.


Simply download chainedselects.zip, and refer to the page "chainedselects.html" for installation and documentation info.

Developer's Note

You may need to study the config.js file for some time before understanding its structure and how to customize it. You are entering the realm of the multidimensional after all :)

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