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Image Trail Script

Author: Brian Caputo

Notes: Last modified Dec 31st, 02' by DD for 1) NS6 functionality, 2) Ability to specify offset of trail from mouse pointer (to prevent trail from interfering with links 3) Prevention of trail from going over window's edge.

Description: Add some fun to your mouse cursor with this cross-browser trail script!



Step 1: Copy the following images into your website directory (6 images):

trail1.gif (708 bytes) trail2.gif (623 bytes) trail3.gif (561 bytes) trail4.gif (478 bytes) trail5.gif (272 bytes) trail6.gif (88 bytes)

Step 2: Finally, add the below fragment to the <body> section of your page:

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For those who wish to customize the images used for the trail, all the changes should be done in the T1 array. The first parameter references the image's file name, while the second and third specifies the image's dimensions.