NS6+ IE5+ Opera 7+

Top Navigational Bar III (v3.5.1)

Note: Updated Jan 31st, 05' to version 3.5.1. Only sniffer.js changed to recognize Opera 8.

Description: BrotherCake's Top Menu supports up to 2 levels of submenus, ability to relatively position menu, targeting of links to a new window or frame, and transitions (IE only). Each menu item can also be individually culored. The menu's impressive portability is unmatched by most other menu scripts we know. Check out the browsers and OS's Top Navigational Menu III functions in below.

To see a listing of the changes to version 3.5 from the most recent previous version (v, see the v3.5 change log.

Usage term: Top Nav Bar III may be used on both commercial and non commercial sites for free. This applies ONLY to this exclusive version of script offered to Dynamic Drive users by the author (Brothercake).

Windows Macintosh Linux
Internet Explorer 6
Internet Explorer 5
Internet Explorer 4
Netscape 4
Mozilla 0.6 +
Netcape 6+/ Firefox 1.0+
Opera 5, 6, 7+
Konqueror 2.2 +

Demo: Look up.


Simply download the following zip file, topmenu3.zip (Shift+click in NS to download), and refer to readme.txt for installation instructions. FYI, the zip file contains the following files:


Enjoy this awesome script.

Upgrade Information- version 3.5 to 3.51

The only file changed between version 3.5 and 3.51 is sniffer. Simply download the above zip file again, and replace your existing sniffer.js with the included one.

Upgrade Information- previous versions to version 3.5)

To upgrade the menu from previous versions (mainly v3.4.1.1b to v3.5), simply upload all files EXCEPT "custom.js" to your web server, replacing the older versions. "Custom.js", which controls your menu links, do not need to be replaced. However, to take advantage of unique features in v3.5 (such as custom coloring for a specific menu item), you'll need to add a few new variables to custom.js. For full changes to version 3.5 and upgrade information, see the v3.5 change log.

Recent changed Log

  • Updated Jan 31st, 05' to version 3.5.1. Only sniffer.js changed to recognize Opera 8.
  • Updated Nov 29th, 04' to version 3.5
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