Some of the awards we've received

Dynamic Drive is proud to be recognized by many established sources as the definitive DHTML site on the net. Here are few of the more notable awards we've pulled down over the site's short history:

PCWorld Top 100 most useful sites online.

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MSDN Developer

Hosting Advice 2016

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Netcape What's Cool

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Jars Top 5%

Featured site


"One of the best DHTML resources on the Web is"
-Web Review

-Sample recognition from people that mean the!

"This is absolutely the most innovative display of intelligence that i have seen in years. This site rules! Thank you." -George Nemecek

"It is easy to see why so many companies have referenced Dynamic Drive's code in their internet source code." -Bett Rodli

"Without a doubt the best DHTML site online. Go Dynamic Drive!" -Peter Newman

"As a web designer, Dynamic Drive is the only script archive whose scripts I feel confident enough to use in my projects. My clients are very happy." -Albert Miller

" is so helpful!! I get almost ALL of my DHTML from here and this taught me the basics also! Good job!!!" -Kelly Ann

"I recently heard of DynamicDrive from a friend and have found it a great help in website design. After only two days of visiting the site I cannot think of anything wrong with it. Keep up the good work all of you." -Luke Smith

"You give me THE drive. Keep up the good work" -Dave Philippi

"I'm just a business student and I would be LOST designing my sites without you guys" -Joshua Burke

"This is the best code example site in the world. I mean it! I LOVE IT" -David Redmond

"Your site is the perfect example of where Less Is More. You may not have billions of scripts like the other archives, but each one actually works, and works great. That's what ultimately matters. I don't go to any other script library other than DD" -Jason Lee

"As a web designer, Dynamic Drive has saved my neck more than once. For that, I'm eternally grateful" -John Chen

"You guys rock, period. Finally, scripts I can actually use on my site!" -Kevin Spane


Wordpress Users: Step by Step instructions to add ANY Dynamic Drive script to an entire Wordpress theme or individual Post