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RSS icons collection

Date Posted: 06/26/2008

Credits: Icojoy

A collection of 28 RSS icons featuring 4 different color variants and 2 different sizes in "png" format. A PSD file of the RSS icon is also made available for easy customization in Photoshop.

Instructions: Click on an icon to download it in "png" format:

To download the "psd" file, save the file "rss.psd" (right click, select "Save As").

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wow this rss icon really slick!! keep it up! love it!
Posted by Azazil on 07/12, 05:48 AM
I like 'em a lot, although I haven't seen the last one too often.
The rounded one seems to be the greatest. And I personally like the gray ones.
Posted by iwebdir on 08/17, 05:02 PM
slm slm
Posted by herkul on 09/12, 09:38 AM
slmun aleykum
Posted by herkul on 09/12, 09:39 AM
nice collection of rss icons
Posted by RSS Submission on 09/14, 04:41 AM

Comment Pages 1 of 1 pages

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