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Wire Frame Aura Menu

Author: Dynamic Drive

This is a clean looking CSS menu with simply a gray border outlining its edges. To add a little flare, an "aura" effect is added when the mouse moves over the menu items, realized using a gradient ellipse image. This menu supports easy alignment other than "left", such as "center" or "right" instead.


Center aligned:

Right aligned:

Single image used (3 flavors to choose from):

The CSS:

Note: The image path referenced in the CSS above assumes you're using the first yellow ellipse image. If you're using another, be sure to update the image path accordingly.


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Date Posted: 08/21/2008

Revision History: None

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Kind of lame... sorry, but it's true.
Posted by Craig Snedeker on 08/23, 11:45 AM
great, love it. quick solution.
Posted by guest on 09/11, 09:45 AM
Not lame to me. Just the subtle thing I needed - thanks!
Posted by RJ Sharp on 11/15, 09:59 AM
simple and yet powerful. never thought of such a simple decision to do a "picture" on mouseover or a:hover{. cool. will defenitely use it! thanks!
Posted by Den on 01/17, 04:04 PM
Posted by ESS on 01/31, 07:42 AM
how to execute this code can any one help me!
Posted by nani on 02/15, 02:52 AM
Posted by asd on 03/22, 01:05 AM
Quite interesting that people go for the easy work. This CSS particularly interested me. I like it quite much.

Yo ppl, try changing the hover effect image with some cool image then look at the magic.

Posted by Subash on 03/30, 04:15 AM
Not lame at all, replace the graphics with something of your own to make it customized to your needs.
Posted by Matt on 04/14, 05:26 PM's a good solution!a quick one...nice:)

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Posted by pamela on 05/25, 05:27 AM

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