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Wire Frame Menu

Author: Dynamic Drive

This is a vertical CSS menu with a simple frame around the menu items. It's "minimalist" style allows you to customize its style further as you see fit.


The CSS:


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Date Posted: 05/03/2006

Revision History: None

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wanted to put an image just at the bottom as menu ends. In opera and ffx it shows exactly what I want, but in IE it shows one line space in between the menus bottom border and the image.

this is the code:
<div class="wireframemenu">
<img scr="menubottom.gif" >
pls help regarding IE trouble
Posted by Nilesh on 08/30, 12:05 PM
Very simple and flexible! I like it! :)
Posted by on 09/10, 12:14 PM
Great script. It's a great script to pass to CSS beginners to mess around with.
Posted by Keith on 10/02, 06:58 AM
Nilesh - Put the <img> after the </ul> and before the DIV. That should fix your problem.
Posted by Keith on 10/02, 07:08 AM
Very simple but nice menu, is it competible with all browsers
Posted by Free dating services on 11/11, 07:23 AM
Where can I get codes to put up a comment box like this one were're posting on?
Posted by Alberto Camacho on 03/31, 07:15 PM
I'm learning in css. this is helpful. Thanks a lot.
Posted by rack on 04/17, 10:45 PM
Very cool menu, simple and best one.
Posted by Nepal Himalaya Trekking on 02/01, 01:32 AM
The good guy is someone who radiates good vibes to others and is not psychotic about doing his own thing.:-)
Posted by Computers Software on 02/09, 11:24 PM

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