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Vista Aero Buttons Menu

Author: Dynamic Drive

This menu consists of a row of independent, Vista aero looking CSS buttons, and departs from the typical list based menu structure. Each button appears initially faded out slightly via CSS opacity, then brought back to full opacity during the "hover" state. The caveat for this menu is the fixed height of each button based on the graphic interface, hence isn't ideal if the buttons' font size is changed from the default.


The two images used:

(black theme)

The CSS:


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Date Posted: 06/16/2008

Revision History: None

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is there a way to centre the menue I know that there is float left/right is there a way to force the menu to centre
Thank you
Posted by exit on 07/24, 11:32 AM
teriffic. i prefer setting original opacity to .85 and not have the text change color. it's much nicer
Posted by Dave on 08/10, 06:54 PM
Hey hopemedia! Just set onclick to document.forms['form_name'].submit(). should work.
Posted by Dave on 08/10, 06:56 PM
hi this is my 1st web page
Posted by Niranjan on 08/12, 11:54 PM
It's not the proper way to use the css it's types of genera
Posted by Mustaqeem Kamal on 09/07, 11:30 PM
anyone can help how to use this css joomla module position.
Thanks for this great tutorial
Posted by Bali komang on 09/21, 11:10 AM
hi i do noo how to use this css codes please help
Posted by ezadin on 09/30, 06:49 PM
how do i add a drop down for this menu
Posted by Dallas on 10/03, 10:06 PM
Thank you so much, this is very easy and nice looking
Posted by Firefly on 10/16, 09:57 PM
Great menu, how can I eliminate the greey background an center the buttons in the page ?
Posted by deepjavero on 10/17, 10:30 AM

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