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Vista Aero Buttons Menu

Author: Dynamic Drive

This menu consists of a row of independent, Vista aero looking CSS buttons, and departs from the typical list based menu structure. Each button appears initially faded out slightly via CSS opacity, then brought back to full opacity during the "hover" state. The caveat for this menu is the fixed height of each button based on the graphic interface, hence isn't ideal if the buttons' font size is changed from the default.


The two images used:

(black theme)

The CSS:


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Date Posted: 06/16/2008

Revision History: None

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These are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Craig on 06/17, 02:52 PM
Really sharp.....GREAT JOB!
Posted by Dan on 06/18, 08:24 AM
How do u center it all?
Posted by tom on 06/20, 01:06 PM
text-align: center;
Posted by Hello on 06/23, 10:42 PM
Does it work with buttons?
Posted by Colin on 06/24, 01:15 PM
Too bad that cool looking buttons is the best thing about Windows Vista...;)
Posted by jayskagnetti on 06/28, 11:26 AM
The buttons look Excellent!
Is there a way to use highlight the button of the page that is currently displayed in a diferent color
Posted by Rajesh on 06/28, 12:30 PM
how the heck do you put it all together?! Can someone show me a video tutorial or something
Posted by Hi on 06/30, 08:46 AM

EN/US: Does this work with submit buttons? If does, how? Can somebody contact?

FI: Toimiiko tämä submit-painikkeiden kanssa? Jos niin miten? Voisiko joku ottaa yhteyttä?

SV: Göra den med submit-knappen? Om ja, hur? Kan någon ta kontakt med oss?
Posted by on 07/04, 02:41 AM
Does anyone know of a CSS library where all the images are hosted? I can't imagine it would be free, but seems like a cool idea. You simply do the HTML and put the CSS on your site, and then all the images are pulled from a central CSS library... exist? good idea?
Posted by Al on 07/04, 06:50 AM

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