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Urban Grey Side Menu

Author: Dynamic Drive

This is nonchalant greyish side menu that blends right in with most designs. The menu headers are H3 tags with a non repeating background image as its bullet, while the menu links are all list based.


Single image used (2 flavors to choose from): or

The CSS:

Note: The image path referenced in the CSS above assumes you're using the first green image. If you're using the second, be sure to update the image path accordingly.


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Date Posted: 08/25/2008

Revision History: None

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that is great ... but if you run this menu in IE then it is not working good. e.g if our mouse go to corner of the menu then it it will not select the menu untill and unless our mouse pointer not come in middle of the menu.

any how... very nice website for beginners as well as professionals.

Shahzad Dar
Pakistan, Lahore.
Posted by shahzad dar on 05/26, 07:42 AM
This looks really nice,Thanks
Posted by Think Flick on 06/02, 09:40 PM
I have a side menu like this on my game site and it does not work with firefox does this one work with the firefox browser?
Posted by Gamer on 06/09, 02:09 PM

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