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CSS Library: Horizontal CSS Menus: Here

Thick Underline Menu

Author: Dynamic Drive

This horizontal CSS menu goes with a minimalist approach, by applying just a thick border underneath each link to give it style. It supports easy centering (or right aligning) on the page, just by changing the text-align property in the CSS. No images are used, just good old code. It seems sometimes less is in fact more!


The CSS:


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Date Posted: 01/08/2009

Revision History: None

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Just a general comment.
Your code is the most useful that I am able to find around.
Keep up with the good work in 2009!
Posted by Andrea Bornstein on 01/08, 07:14 AM
Simple, but nice and useful.
Posted by Craig S on 01/10, 07:03 AM
Looks great! Your site is one of the most helpful sites on the web! Kudos!
Posted by Jay Skagnetti on 01/10, 01:54 PM
Thanks so much! You guys amaze me constantly.
Posted by Alex on 01/15, 05:32 PM
very nice. i like it.

Posted by jon on 01/20, 11:18 PM
Thanks. Very clear. Easy to understand code too.
Posted by Adam on 02/02, 03:30 PM
perfect, exactly what I needed! thx!
Posted by ace on 02/04, 01:33 PM
This is one of the best css websites that i often visit. Good work
Posted by Eddie Cheng on 02/05, 12:02 PM
I try to use the code in my typepad blog and when I click on preview, it shows the nav bar on the top of the banner, but when I save the changes I don't see the nav bar. Can someone help me please. Thank you
Posted by Jediah Matthew on 02/08, 03:50 PM
wow great clean simple code exactly what i was looking for Nice Job!
Posted by judy black on 02/13, 12:43 PM

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