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CSS Thick Tabs

Author: Dynamic Drive

These CSS menu tabs come with thick top/bottom padding to achieve that attractive cushioned look. Setup is very easy- each menu link simply carries a gradient background image that is changed to a darker version of the original when the mouse rolls over each menu item.


The two images used (resized horizontally):

The CSS:


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Date Posted: 11/12/2006

Revision History: None

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Its nice, but what would be the easiest way to align this in the center without using tables?
Posted by Matt on 11/13, 09:51 AM
There are no tables anyway???

But line-height is a really good way to align text in the center, not for div's etc though... I imagine you could possibly use that here rather than using padding (set the height of the li through css and then set the line-height to that)...
Posted by Allan Mullan on 11/13, 09:09 PM
Since the tabs are floated (to the left), centering them on the page is more tricky. You may want to do a search on Google to see what some of the techniques are for this.
Posted by ddadmin on 11/14, 06:05 AM
Centering menu horizontally on page? How about . . .

margin0 auto;
width400px;  /* or whatever */
fontbold 13px Tahoma;
Posted by rockoyster on 11/14, 02:19 PM
I really like it. Web 2.0.
Posted by Kate C on 11/17, 01:48 AM
How do I have a button with two text lines? Ie. in the example, how would I make "Webmaster Tools" display on two text lines ("Webmaster" with "Tools" underneath)?
Posted by SB on 11/19, 11:59 PM
effective but how can i make this with table coz i mostly use table to design my site.
Posted by aashique on 11/20, 07:21 AM
Hello rockoyster, I try you code and still doesn't work, it work only on 400px, I try to make it 700px and the menu not center anymore.

Also I need little question, how to make it width totally on page? thanks
Posted by Jauhari on 11/22, 07:55 PM
I thought when floating an element, a width needs to be given. Is that not so?

Where is the border of the individual tabs specified?

-- Stephan
Posted by Stephan Wehner on 11/23, 12:15 AM
to matt and jauhari, you could easily center it by putting the whole list into another div (ex: <div id="tab">) and put
this will surely center it :D
Posted by pritthish on 11/30, 07:34 AM

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