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Sleek Pointer Menu

Author: Dynamic Drive

An inverted, round corner CSS menu bar with a cut-out pointer below each menu link. The pointer is simply a transparent background image, automatically adopting to any background colors (in this case, black and darkred). Furthermore, you can easily "deconstruct" this menu depending on the desired look, such as removing the top border or the two round corners. Enjoy!


The three images used (last image resized for easier download):

The CSS:


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Date Posted: 06/23/2006

Revision History: 09/01/2006

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excellent sample of clean & amazing css navigation menu
Posted by Jaspal Singh Sutdhar on 01/03, 01:01 PM
Its a nice menu.. but it took me a while to get it working with gradients all through it..

should I submit the code for my version?

heres a link to what it looks like..
Posted by MrMaybe on 01/13, 09:18 PM
I admire everyone who even KNOWS whata CSS is logically about. Just as I was getting used to HTML here we ago again. This script is great...Hope I don't drop it before I get home.

Posted by Perucci on 02/16, 05:39 PM
Very good. Thanks a lot.
Posted by jaume on 03/12, 05:37 AM
Very nice, but how compatible is it with other browsers?
Posted by Özel Ders Kurs on 04/17, 01:45 PM
#pointermenu ul li a{
padding2px 11px 7px 7px;

/* added by Halit YESIL BEGIN*/
border-left:dotted 1px #FFFFFF;
/* added by Halit YESIL END*/

backgroundurl(media/pointer.gifbottom center no-repeat;
Posted by HalitYesil on 06/28, 05:38 AM
good work man ,and thank you.
Posted by Autocad 2007 on 09/22, 12:25 PM
I am trying to get the links to open in an iframe. Is this possible? If so how would I code the link? Thanks
Posted by Brenda on 10/31, 05:36 AM
nice style, wouldn't be a bad idea to have round.gif change to red on roll over.
Posted by chris on 12/10, 08:42 AM
the code is easy
but the method is great
Posted by VONSH on 02/02, 11:24 PM

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