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Mobile full screen expand menu II

Author: Dynamic Drive

An alternate rendition of Mobile full screen menu, this one uses CSS3 scale() to collapse the full screen menu initially, expanding to fill the screen when expanded. It uses the popular CSS checkbox adjacent sibling technique to toggle the menu between open and closed when the drawer style toggler is clicked on. The menu works across all modern browsers and mobile devices, while in IE8, a more limited interface is presented that's at least functional for those users.

For the font this menu uses "Bitter", a Google custom font.


Arbitrary Open Menu link
Arbitrary Close Menu link
Arbitrary Toggle Menu link

The CSS:


Like version I, the menu comes with a companion JavaScript function that lets you toggle the state of the full screen menu beyond the built in interface, from anywhere on the page as you see fit. Just call the function:


with the "action" parameter being one of the following three choices: "open", "close", or empty. When called with no (or empty) parameter, the function will toggle the state of the full page menu. Here's an example:

<a href="#" onClick="expandfullscreenmenu()">Arbitrary Toggle Menu link</a>

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Date Posted: 12/21/2015

Revision History: Jan 24' 16': Updated code to fix menu in Chrome iOS.

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