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Matt Black Tabs

Author: Dynamic Drive

There's often beauty in simplicity. Matt Black Tabs is a clean CSS list menu that uses no images, and very small in footprint. Each tab is floated left to achieve its look and all contained in a wrapper that negate the need to manually clear "float" for the contents that immediately follow.

Note: Make sure your page contains a valid doctype for this menu to render properly.


The CSS:


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Date Posted: 06/28/2008

Revision History: 07/01/2008: Fixed IE6 bug.

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Very nice menu. Can be implemented in any design you have.
Posted by Emiliano on 03/17, 09:54 AM
thx for buttoms but i need some help.. when i put them on my site it makes an area around the buttoms that i cant put anything in :( i want to write something under the bar but everything is moving down as fast as I open it in explorer.. DO anyone know how do resize our just remove the area around ? ty for help!
Posted by Sebbe on 03/25, 02:39 AM
cheers mate ill put u in my thanks section when i publish my site many thanks
Posted by simon on 03/31, 12:11 PM
wow...this was so easy to do. it's awesome. thanks so much!Volkswagen vans parks
Posted by Volkswagen vans on 04/08, 03:18 AM
nice menu clear color
Posted by hUzE on 04/10, 10:51 AM
CSS code goes in between your <head> </head> code in your doc, then the html code goes where you want the menu to be
Posted by n1ck4nd0 on 04/23, 01:00 PM
It works great...I love this site.
Posted by Think Flick on 06/02, 09:43 PM
I am a self taught webmaster and am just learnign I have 3 simple web sites. This code is brilliant it worked first time !

I will have to join your forum to learn how to build on it.

Thanks very much
Posted by Digby Green on 06/11, 11:58 PM

Comment Pages 4 of 4 pages « First  <  2 3 4

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