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Matt Black Tabs

Author: Dynamic Drive

There's often beauty in simplicity. Matt Black Tabs is a clean CSS list menu that uses no images, and very small in footprint. Each tab is floated left to achieve its look and all contained in a wrapper that negate the need to manually clear "float" for the contents that immediately follow.

Note: Make sure your page contains a valid doctype for this menu to render properly.


The CSS:


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Date Posted: 06/28/2008

Revision History: 07/01/2008: Fixed IE6 bug.

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It doesn't show the bottom line on my website
Posted by Daru on 07/28, 02:17 PM
simple but nice , I like
Posted by ruok on 07/29, 11:54 AM
I'd like to add this to my blogger blog but where do I add the code in the programing. Do I add it in the header code? This is all new to me.
Thanks for the help.
Posted by Peter on 08/09, 07:42 AM
What do I need to do to get these files working on my server? Do I need to copy the CSS contents and rename them? The same for html?

Or do we enter the CSS code somewhere in the index.html file where the menu is to situated? I really need some advice on this stuff. Thanks.
Posted by Rene on 08/18, 07:46 AM
Awesome webpage, more useful than WS3. :D

Just kidding, but it's definitely neck and neck.
Posted by Turtler on 08/18, 05:23 PM
Nice tut, thanks!
Any ideas about how to make the 'active' tab looking without the bottom border? I've noticed that the bottom border comes from the wrapper and is common for all tabs.
Posted by juice on 08/24, 09:33 PM
nice and simple css menu,
Posted by Ronald on 08/27, 04:43 PM
I've used a modified version of this menu.
Posted by RG on 08/28, 05:32 PM
Very nice menu.
How can i make this in the center of cell(table)?
Posted by anju on 10/06, 02:29 PM
really nice. How do I make the buttons equal size and fit the width of my page
Posted by Shaun on 10/07, 03:00 AM

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