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CSS Library: Vertical CSS Menus: Here

Image Marker Menu

Author: Dynamic Drive

This CSS code creates a vertical menu out of ordinary lists, using an arrow image to replace the default HTML marker. The image is applied as a background image, with a different one shown when the mouse moves over the links.


The two images used:

The CSS:


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Date Posted: 05/24/2006

Revision History: July 12th, 08: Menu CSS and HTML updated. Menu now wraps around a DIV that controls its width.
Sept 2nd, 08: Menu CSS updated to correct bug in IE6.

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You can use your Apple Remote to control the recording session, and even add chapter markers to the video. This makes it a cinch to sit behind a user and guide the test without having to reach over and teal the mouse when you need to pause things.
Posted by mini games on 09/28, 01:42 AM
Explain the purpose of applications like the CSS Menu Generator and the Visual Quick Menu? what is the benefits to webs user?
Posted by muhd hatta on 11/23, 09:27 AM

I just tuned into this site from another link. I am trying to build my own website on a relatively complex subject matter and I am studying how to go about it via the web. I have read your Usage Terms and understand and accept them. And from the little bit I've seen thus far, I think your site is grand ... a great resource. Thanks a lot for doing it.

BTW, while the topic of the page was interesting,and I am sure I will put the information to good use, I was also, as a newbie to website design, interested in how you did the "Expand/Contract" feature for the code containers.

It's not that I want to place code in such boxes on my website, but I would like to insert information that I figure needn't be displayed full length, the idea being to keep the length of the website page as short as possible (a few rolls of the center mouse button is enough, in my opinion).

And I see that you used some kind of "addthis" widget and I was wondering, (and my apologies for asking this without yet having gone on to google "addthis" but I didn't want to leave the site without commenting), why I can't find the words "Expand/Contract" in your source code for this page?

That may seem an elementary question to you, and perhaps to many, but not to all, I suppose. And a wise professor once told me that there are no stupid questions. So, if it's not to much trouble, could you please just jot a few words below this entry, explaining why the words "Expand/Contract" don't appear on the source code page. I'll check back in a few days.


Posted by Wayne on 01/23, 06:19 PM

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