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CSS checkout style breadcrumbs

Author: Dynamic Drive

The following CSS turns a UL list into a checkout style breadcrumbs interface. Good for ecommerce checkout or an unconventional site breadcrumb trail. Three "stages" are supported, with the presence (or lack) of a specific CSS class inside each LI:

The interface is relatively bullet proof and mobile friendly, transforming into vertical stack of breadcrumbs on small screen devices.


As you can see in the 2nd demo below,  you can also add an icon font inside each stage label to provide additional visual cues about each stage. Icon fonts courtesy of IcoMoon.

The CSS:

The above code references two icon fronts from Icomoon, served up via 4 CSS font files inside the "fonts/" sub directory. Download the following file and extract to the same directory as the current page.


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Date Posted: 09/23/2015

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