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Customizing Order List style using CSS

Author: Dynamic Drive

Styling the automatically generated number counters in ordered lists (<ol>) can be challenging. This CSS code demonstrates one way to do it by getting rid of the default ones first, then using CSS generated content to create custom counters instead. Specifically, we turn to CSS generated counters, using the "before:" pseudo element and setting its content to "counter". The result is custom counters that can be styled using all the powers of CSS! The custom style works in all modern browsers- IE9+, FF, Chrome, Safari etc.

In the below demo, each level of OL carries a slightly varied style from that of its' parent's (up to the 3rd level).

  1. this is a list 1
  2. this is a list 1
    1. this is a list 2
    2. this is a list 2
      1. this is a list 3
      2. this is a list 3
      3. this is a list 3
      4. this is a list 3
    3. this is a list 2
    4. this is a list 2
  3. this is a list 1
  4. this is a list 1
  5. this is a list 1

The CSS:


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Date Posted: 12/03/2012

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