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Custom scrollbar colors

Author: Dynamic Drive

In IE5.5+ and above, you can use CSS to customize the color of the scrollbars on the page, which includes various components of the scrollbar. The below CSS shows the relevant CSS properties for scrollbar coloring. Note that if your page uses a valid doctype that triggers a "Strict" mode in IE, the scrollbar properties need to be assigned to the "HTML" tag instead of the conventional "BODY" in order to work. Due to this divergence in implementation, an easy solution is just to assign both the HTML and BODY tags the relevant scrollbar coloring CSS properties.

Scrollbar coloring via CSS is only supported in IE.

The CSS:

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Date Posted: 05/02/2006

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How to call the above style in div?
Posted by vaji on 07/02, 11:02 PM
Very nice and customizable.
Posted by Foysal Osmany on 08/28, 08:43 AM
Please can anybody provide me the css for Scrollbar coloring using is only supported in Mozilla too...
Posted by Zia on 02/04, 01:02 AM
Please can anybody provide me the css for changing the color of Scrollbar is also in Mozilla too....

Waiting for the reply
Posted by Zia on 02/04, 01:15 AM
is firefox supported?
Posted by Margaret on 04/18, 07:03 PM
Why would you want to design something that only works on 1 type of browser??? That defeats the purpose of an effect website design
Posted by yo on 05/15, 01:28 PM
Customize your scrollbars cross-browser with the following jquery plugin. Easy!
Posted by Gentle on 05/28, 01:21 AM

Comment Pages 6 of 6 pages « First  <  4 5 6

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