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CSS Pagination Links

Author: Dynamic Drive

Updated: Aug 30th, 07. Fixed issue in IE7 where select links appear too close together.

Inspired by the pagination interface you see at the footer of, this is our version of a CSS pagination links bar, digg style. The links are list based for a cleaner and more semantically approach (in our opinion). The bar itself can easily be left or right aligned, by modifying the "text-align" attribute.


The CSS:


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Date Posted: 08/30/2007

Revision History: Updated: 08/30/2007

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Finally - i have been looking for days now. I have finally found what i needed!!! Thank you!!!
Posted by Ogaden on 10/17, 12:05 PM
greate, nice for news archive
Posted by projektowanie stron on 10/17, 12:15 PM
This is a great little script. Perfect for an alphabetical index! Appreciate the script, and keep up the great work in the CSS Library.
Posted by Music City Madman on 10/29, 12:10 PM
How can i set the buttons to link up to the 100's... 1-99 works awesome then after that it just sets back to 10 and up....? Any help on this would be AWESOME!!!!
Posted by gnome on 11/12, 03:02 PM
I'm sorry guys but I don't understand how it work. I'm a very dummy on php and I would like a little bit of explanation to understand how I could use it.

Please, don't explain me shortly!

Thank you!
Posted by Carlo on 11/18, 03:32 PM
This Script is very nice and wonderful
Posted by Paramesh on 12/18, 11:05 PM
I Have tested in IE 6 it is fine.
Posted by Raj on 12/24, 11:46 PM
to center text-align:center doesn't work :( because the with of the ul is 100%, Also I dont want to have a fix ul in case I only have 2 result pages.
I dont want to use tables. is there another way? please show me the way...thanks, I've spend a bit of time on this and I cant get it working.
Posted by Charlie on 01/15, 11:11 PM
As always, I know I can find great examples on this site! Cheers
Posted by AntonJamm on 01/31, 01:58 AM

Yes, Great script! I Us it for my site
Posted by Mike on 02/02, 01:49 AM

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