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CSS Indent Menu

Author: Dynamic Drive

Using two gradient background images, this horizontal CSS menu makes the active/ selected menu item appear indented. The width of the menu is set to 80% of its container in the demo .The entire menu markup plus images combined comes in at a very lean 2.5kb.


The two image used:

The CSS:


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Date Posted: 09/18/2007

Revision History: July 4th, 08": Updated CSS and HTML for automatic clear float.

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Are there any possibilities to highlight the one that is active.
If you click on one of the menuitems, it should be highlighted so I know that´s the one I´ve clicked at.

Posted by Marcus on 01/16, 02:41 AM
good exellent
Posted by haritha on 01/19, 10:16 AM
This menu is very nice
Posted by Sohag on 01/25, 09:53 AM
send me indentbg.gif
Posted by Lavish on 01/28, 01:23 AM
its supper, thanks!
Posted by mexx63 on 02/01, 01:48 AM
hay a.q nasıl olacak bu bi türlü html sayfasına gömemedim bunu
Posted by ali on 02/04, 06:51 AM
In ie 7, the menu compresses. I cannot figure out how to fic this.
Posted by Chris on 02/12, 01:15 PM
Great menu! Is it possible to add a submenu (drop down)? If so, how? Thanks!
Posted by Rob on 02/12, 08:42 PM
very nice menu
Posted by projektowanie stron www on 02/13, 12:00 AM
how can i remove this underline in the meny?
Posted by Simp Ops on 02/14, 03:48 AM

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