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CSS3 Semi Opaque Menu

Author: Dynamic Drive

Linear gradient backgrounds in CSS3 lets you add a graduating background to any element on the page. It's supported in FF3.6, Safari 2+ and Google Chrome. In IE9 (which currently doesn't support CSS3 Linear Gradients), SVG is used to create a similar look while IE gets its act together. With that said, this menu takes advantage of CSS3 gradient background to produce a menu with a semi opaque rollover effect. Whatever the solid background color of the main UL behind it, the menu item's background peeks through. Peek-a-boo!

The CSS:


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Date Posted: 11/07/2011

Revision History: None

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It's great! It's same design but different colors. But they both very nice! =)
Posted by Web Design Malaysia on 11/07, 02:49 AM
@Web Design Malaysia, they are different designs.
Both designs are nice!
Posted by How to create a website on 11/07, 02:56 AM
when you take the css information from above, what do you name the css file. what extension would you use.
Posted by Joshua Kundert on 11/10, 04:45 AM
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