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CSS Tableless Form

Author: Dynamic Drive

This is a tableless CSS form which you can use as a template for implementing your own lightweight form. It uses a combination of float and negative margins to create a two column layout for the form. One issue with the form is IE6's three pixel jog bug, which is addressed in the demo manually, by offsetting the jogged checkboxes with an additional margin. You may wish to implement a more thorough fix, though it will increase the size of the code. IE7 does not suffer from the 3 pixel bug.


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Date Posted: 06/20/2006

Revision History: None

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Posted by zombo09 on 05/29, 08:36 PM
Posted by re on 05/30, 10:43 PM
Posted by であ on 06/01, 09:44 PM
Posted by 処女 on 06/01, 09:45 PM
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Posted by eh on 06/02, 11:24 PM
A nice solution, thanks. I would probably still use tables for a more complex form than this though as it's just easier to lay out the different fields and associated text. However, I now use CSS as much as possible within my tables, so the HTML remains fairly light.
Posted by RoryY on 06/04, 01:11 PM
Posted by zol on 06/04, 04:45 PM

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