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CSS Gradient Shadow

Author: Michael Burt

This is a CSS and JavaScript technique that lets you add a shadow to most elements on your page with a customizable shadow depth and coloring. Just give the element in question a class name of "shadow" to activate the effect.

The CSS:


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Date Posted: 01/14/2007

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extremely easy to implement and it works fine in both ie7 and ff2.0.0.1

have a look see at
Posted by Harlequin2k6 on 02/14, 09:34 PM
just a follow-up

I used the shadow around my main wrap but I can't get the shadow to work around the image...
Posted by Harlequin2k6 on 02/15, 09:19 PM
could not get this to work in expression web designer, can you do a tutorial for expression web?
Posted by rahdin on 02/26, 09:16 PM
Is there any way to get text for the shadow. I'm not a expert, so i need a little help here.
Posted by Connor on 03/26, 08:22 AM
this is a very interesting Website! This teaches me a lot of things in regards to CSS!
Posted by sonia pfeifle on 03/30, 02:08 AM
it's very easy to use ~~
Posted by Endis on 05/01, 12:46 AM
I would also like to know how to put a shadow on the whole page
Posted by Penn Wooding on 05/15, 09:41 AM
nice script!
Posted by ray charles on 05/21, 10:52 AM
works really well, bit heavy though
Posted by ray on 05/28, 05:05 AM
The great tool ever i seen
Posted by Shaon on 06/05, 01:22 PM

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