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CSS Breadcrumbs

Author: Dynamic Drive

Breadcrumbs is a term used to describe hierarchical links that tell the visitor where he/she currently is on your site. Visually breadcrumbs are just links with some sort of separator between them, such as a bullet image. This CSS code transforms ordinary looking links into a breadcrumb by giving each link a background image.

There are many different ways to implement breadcrumbs in CSS. Ideally the separator image should not even be part of the link, but dynamically inserted using CSS Generated content. However, since IE6 does not support generated content, that's not feasible at the moment. Then there's the debate over whether breadcrumbs should be implemented as a list, which I personally think is no more appropriate than just using regular <a> elements.


The bullet image:

The CSS:


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Date Posted: 05/11/2006

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Simple and small. Might be a hastle to change the menu for each page, but I suppose it has potential.
Posted by Nathan on 05/29, 10:04 AM
wala lng
Posted by vien on 06/06, 02:27 AM
Nice section for developing CSS. I wish I'd seen it a while ago but I'll be back to learn more soon. Nicely done!
Posted by Stephen on 06/12, 01:39 PM
.breadcrumb a{
transparent url(media/breadcrumb.gifno-repeat center right;[/strike]
[strike]padding-right18px/*adjust bullet image padding*/[/strike]

.breadcrumb a:after
"  " ;

Or no?
Posted by Crises on 07/03, 06:42 PM
»? :))
Posted by cruocitae on 09/25, 09:34 AM
So you recommend using hiperlink elements instead of listing elements?, I have noticed also that a blank character is left intentionally between elements, could be used with out it?, nice page.
Posted by conny on 10/18, 05:16 PM
If combined with this tutorial:

This technique could be part of your page template, and as long as you're using a fairly rational site organization (e.g. you keep images of spain in it would be a nice feature with really very little work on the part of the developer.
Posted by illovich on 11/24, 08:51 PM
easy to use and I like the size. It looks nice on simple pages.
Posted by Richard S on 12/29, 07:21 PM
looks good, i think ill use this instead of the » html.
Posted by bad credit home loans on 01/03, 07:41 PM
Very easy to use (like most things on this site). Thanks guys.
Posted by Somesh Rao on 01/19, 04:16 PM

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