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Corporate CSS Tableless form

Author: Dynamic Drive

This is an elegant tableless CSS form template with a decidedly corporate look and feel. The most commonly used form elements with corresponding legends are added in to get you up and going quickly. Structurally the CSS form is made up of two "columns"- a left stylized "legend" column, plus a right DIV column enclosing the actual form field. Both columns are floated "left" and then put inside a "row" DIV that equalizes the two columns' divergent heights so the tallest one wins out.


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Date Posted: 11/27/2008

Revision History: None

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Posted by werre on 12/25, 03:10 AM
Posted by mohamed hadji on 12/25, 12:26 PM
First, thank you... this is awesome!!! So I've placed a little newsletter on my website (using your html code but modified to remove what I dont need). But how do I gather what users enter? That is, when someone enters an email... where does it go? Can I have the submit button send the info entered to my email address? Sorry if this is a silly question, i'm a novice.
Posted by shaan on 12/31, 06:30 AM
Posted by amine on 01/01, 07:57 AM
Really its a interesting post, I always enjoy reading such posts which provides knowledge based information.
Posted by stevens johnson syndrome on 01/09, 02:44 AM
This looks quite cool. but try viewing it in Firefox. The list items show the default list icon.
Posted by Rahul on 01/12, 01:40 AM
I dont know why people try to avoid tables even if they have a row and column like layout. are tables forbidden in modern xhtml?
Posted by Atif on 01/12, 02:57 AM

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