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Corp Blue CSS Menu


This corporate blue themed menu uses the sliding door technique to create 2 states. While it works perfectly fine against a white background, for black background pages, the tabs reveal a thick white outline around its edges.


Screenshot when used against black background:

Two images used (resized for easier download):

The CSS:


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Date Posted: 04/06/2009

Revision History: None

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really useful to me and thank you
Posted by cambrian12345 on 04/26, 03:05 AM
I learn sth new. thx for tut
Posted by Mohammed Zatari on 04/27, 03:36 PM
Where should I place these code onto my website??

Posted by McPrie on 04/28, 02:54 AM
nice effort.. wishes for ur future
Posted by Chetan on 05/03, 05:32 AM
I'm a f*cked up newbie, and I got stuck trying to modify this css code so I can set the position of the menus...
Can somebody get me out of here??
Posted by Gde Adrian on 05/06, 11:47 PM
Hi i use this menu in my site can anyone please tell me what i can do to make my site better??
Posted by Taylor on 05/11, 09:57 PM
Very nice work.
Posted by Asanka on 05/13, 10:32 PM
Thanks for taking the time to share your work.
Posted by daoke on 05/16, 03:13 AM
thanks for share. web tasarım

Posted by web tasarım on 05/21, 11:48 AM
Your language is very easy for better thinking, thanks sir
Posted by tejaspatel on 05/22, 04:57 AM

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