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CF Navigation Menu

Author: Dynamic Drive

This is CSS based navigational menu based on a single tab interface. The name "CF" is taken after our partner site, which at the time of writing uses a menu based on this code. Four images are used as part of its interface- the two round corners, an indented divider between menu links, and a gradient background image spanning the menu.

In case you're wondering, this CSS menu retains its structure well when the text is resized.


The image used:

The CSS:


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Date Posted: 05/07/2006

Revision History: None

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Very nice navigation menu!

There's a little bug in IE and Opera if you have 3 or less links : The UL element doesn't render fine. To correct this just use this:

#cfnavbar ul li{

insted of

#cfnavbar ul li{
Posted by Seba on 05/09, 12:32 PM
I am new to CSS and my question is: Do I save the images above individually, or do I save them as one image, or am I even allowed to use the images provided above? Kindly advise. :)
Posted by Naive on 05/16, 09:47 AM
Save the images above individually! Be sure there are correctly referenced in your CSS file (put they in a sub-folder called "media). Have fun! ;)
Posted by Seba on 05/16, 03:48 PM
Thank you, Seba. You are a great help!
Posted by Naive on 05/16, 04:05 PM
#cfnavbar ul li a#leftcorner{
backgroundurl(images/menu_rightcorner.giftop left no-repeat;


#cfnavbar ul li:first-child a{
backgroundurl(images/menu_rightcorner.giftop left no-repeat;

will remove the need of placing 'id="leftcorner"' on the first link.

Also, using pseudo last-child will do the same, but for rightcorner on the last link.


#cfnavbar ul li:last-child a{
backgroundurl(images/menu_rightcorner.giftop right no-repeat;

Posted by moneybagsxp on 05/17, 03:56 PM
Nice scripts, moneybagsxp.
Posted by Naive on 05/17, 04:19 PM
NOTE: I was not able to get my above post to work in IE 6 :(
Posted by moneybagsxp on 05/17, 05:53 PM
moneybagsxp, thanks for the note. Please let me know if you figure it out.
Posted by Naive on 05/17, 06:24 PM
What does it take to center the menu, I tried various options but didn't seem to get it right. I LOVE THESE MENUS!!!
Posted by Michael Shiels on 05/20, 10:27 PM
Hi Michael: Wrap the menu code with <div align="center> and </div>. It works for me.
Posted by Seba on 05/22, 07:02 AM

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