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CF Navigation Menu II

Author: Dynamic Drive

This is an inverted version of the original CF Navigation Menu. Four images are used as part of its interface- the two round corners, an indented divider between menu links, and a gradient background image spanning the menu. The name "CF" is taken after our partner site, which at the time of writing uses a menu based on this code.

In case you're wondering, this CSS menu retains its structure well when the text is resized.


The four images used:

The CSS:


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Date Posted: 05/07/2006

Revision History: None

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Hellor to dynamic drive staffs,
take my best regards and hellos this site is the world best site, i love it
and please if you can add more and more horizental menus.
good bye
love to dynamic drive
Posted by Abdulllah on 05/10, 12:00 AM
first item distorts on ff1.0.7 when mouse hovers over it
Posted by twig* on 05/10, 03:58 AM
بيع اجهزه / صيانه / دورات /
Posted by hany on 05/16, 04:04 AM
How do i use this HTML code as i tried inseting it ontpo frontpage but it didnt work???
could some one go throuhg it in steps so i know exactly what i need to do
Posted by P on 06/13, 10:09 AM
A work of beauty. I like how it's similar to the other one, only flipped and the colors are changed. Very clever.

* I recommend this with different colors.
Posted by Nathan on 06/16, 05:06 PM
P: Simple solution is do not use MS Frontpage. Particularly, Frontpage is evil!!!
Posted by Frodo on 06/19, 10:52 AM
I can use your script.
Very Vell
Posted by Ali YANAR on 11/16, 12:02 AM
Cool, but how can I make it so that I can make the menu centered.
Posted by Anthony on 11/27, 08:14 PM
thanks but we want the other colors..
Posted by gazete gazeteler on 02/05, 10:46 AM
Just play with the color parameter. For example: color: black; Or, change the image..
Posted by Özel Ders Kurs on 04/17, 02:43 PM

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