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Blue Blocks Menu

Author: Mark Newhouse- Taming Lists

This is an attractive "blocks" CSS menu with an accompanying hover effect. We added some changes of our own to the CSS to create a consistent menu width across browsers.


The CSS:


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Date Posted: 05/07/2006

Revision History: None

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It is Brilliant!!
Posted by Danish on 01/12, 05:24 AM
I have tried 2 of these examples and they work perfectly on IE. I cannot get this example or the other example I tried to work in Firefox though. All I get in FF is a bulletid list (for both examples).

Posted by Deon on 04/30, 09:57 AM
Yes, I tried that to Deon. Anyone?
Posted by Ethan on 05/04, 05:43 AM
I tried this and when i included this in my page and when i am using a combo box below this menu combo box overrides it and it cuts the menu in the overlapping portion of combo box and menu. I gave z-index for menu as 100 and combo as -1 and yet i am not able to reslove it. Can you suggest me any solution to solve it or tell me where to put the z -index.
Posted by Balakrishnan on 05/28, 05:28 AM
Nice and clean css vertical menu. Like the colors, matches my site!
Posted by Ethan on 06/08, 04:09 AM
I love this, THANK YOU!!! I want the text on the main part of page to higher up on the screen. I guessing to get this towork I need to put the menu in a left frame. Is that cvorrect? Right now my text appears below my last link in the list.
Posted by Joaquin B on 07/09, 12:38 PM
This Menu always exceeds 160px in Firefox is there any fix for this to fit correctly 160px
Posted by Ehsan on 11/26, 08:08 AM
how can i add this css code to my website becox i already have my website css and i don,t like my menu how can i change with old css file?? any idea
Posted by hasham on 02/11, 06:56 AM
Very easy one.This code is really easy to implement and looks great.
Posted by graphicscloud on 03/19, 11:03 PM
Thanks alot that helped me more and more
Posted by Belal on 04/11, 12:33 PM

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