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Arrow Bullet List Menu

Author: Dynamic Drive

This CSS list menu features category headers with a two toned background, UL elements that have their default margins and padding removed, and finally, LI elements with custom bullet images. The result is something simple but elegant, and resembling something you might have seen on this site already! Note: For a version of this menu that dynamically expands and hides its sub menus, see Accordion Menu.


The two images used:

The CSS:


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Date Posted: 01/19/2008

Revision History: None

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Really nice menus ... but,
it won't work anymore as soon as I take the style out of the header and place it into a CSS (own or mixed) Any ideas?

Thanks a lot
Posted by Mitch on 03/21, 09:46 AM
hi in what folder gos de images
Posted by diego on 05/09, 02:14 PM
Hi, does anyone know how to keep the menu to the left hand side? Mine goes across the entire page from left to right. Thanks.
Posted by Simon on 05/25, 02:38 PM
when implementing the css code an arrow mark(like comment mark) appears at the top of the page..i cant fix it..but the div container is working..
Posted by dakshan on 06/04, 03:15 AM
thanks..i tried its working in my blog..
Posted by dakshan on 06/04, 06:27 AM

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