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Arrow Bullet List Menu

Author: Dynamic Drive

This CSS list menu features category headers with a two toned background, UL elements that have their default margins and padding removed, and finally, LI elements with custom bullet images. The result is something simple but elegant, and resembling something you might have seen on this site already! Note: For a version of this menu that dynamically expands and hides its sub menus, see Accordion Menu.


The two images used:

The CSS:


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Date Posted: 01/19/2008

Revision History: None

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I LOVE this menu. Left it the way it is on my first site, and I am customizing it for another. A beautiful and professional looking menu. I will be using this a LOT.
Posted by RandyN on 02/23, 10:12 PM
Not sure if it's just me, but there's a missing attribute in

.arrowlistmenu ul li{
padding-bottom: 2px; /*bottom spacing between menu items*/

Margin should be set to 0 (margin: 0;) - if you want the menu to be displayed exactly as shown above.

Great website, love the menu, keep up the work!
Posted by Denis on 03/01, 01:22 PM
Thanks, i was searching for this. Thank you very much :)
Posted by James N on 03/16, 03:55 PM
thanks for this stuff..
it was very nice

me and my frens liked it very much
Posted by ajeet shakya on 03/24, 01:11 AM
Thank you... One of the best!
Posted by SAM on 04/05, 01:03 PM
why is it that the arrow does not show up?
Posted by julio on 05/01, 06:52 PM
thanks alot for these great tips
Posted by ronnie on 05/05, 10:55 AM
thanks!!!! GREAT script!
Posted by Leo on 05/09, 04:56 AM
It look professional menu.

I like it. thanks.
Posted by Tumat. on 05/13, 12:30 AM
for got this menu thenks of world and you
Posted by rako on 06/03, 05:35 AM

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