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Animated link underlines

Author: Kieren Harding

This fun CSS code adds an animated underline to links on the page when the mouse rolls over them to grab visitors' attention!


"I'm happy to announce the first Dynamic Drive CSS code contest, hopefully the first of many to come! Show off your CSS talents by submitting an original, CSS example to possibly be featured here. The top 3 submissions will each be awarded with a prize"

The single image used:

The CSS:

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Date Posted: 09/17/2006

Revision History: None

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fabolous effort
Posted by khan on 12/04, 03:56 AM
all bad comments about this one are proof of newbies showing off... this is a very nice effect. Yes, this example would annoy visitors away from this page, but you can always use a different graphic, maybe a much more subtle one - then, the effect is very good, a small bonus to a good web page. But then again, you newbies wouldn't know anything about that, would you? 5 stars from me, very good article.
Posted by Doru on 02/20, 11:11 AM
Done well, it can look decent and, indeed, beatiful:
Posted by Peter on 03/28, 03:33 PM
Usefull thing.. thanks. I like this effect.
Posted by Serg on 04/16, 12:48 AM

nice work dear
Posted by Hai on 04/16, 01:47 PM
I'm going to make a anime fan site but I don't know if this css code for links is really looks a bit annoying, what you guys think/?
Posted by steve on 04/24, 02:40 AM
Awesome effect. Neat , clean, small yet so effective.Thank You.
Posted by Swarup Sengupto on 06/03, 09:03 PM
Good idea, bad example.
Posted by olhado on 08/16, 05:43 AM
How do I insert the css code in page 1 in my html document
Posted by Felix Aponati on 10/17, 12:40 PM
it's really good work. very nice css archive!! thanks boys!!
Posted by LAtif on 02/13, 02:58 PM

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